Over the last few days, The LORD has been turning my attention to the subjectof angels. I can hear Brother Copeland’s voice in my ears right now: “DON’T FORGETABOUT YOUR ANGELS!” Angels are a gift from God to help us make it through these last days. Hebrews1:14 says, “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent… Read more »

SWBC Prayer Call Campaign 2024

Southwest Believers’ Convention 2024 is just a few weeks away, and we have great expectations for more, and more, and more, and MORE!   We are stirred up, and READY to pray with great intent and purpose!    Through the month of July, leading right up to SWBC, we are incorporating prayer for SWBC into… Read more »

Superkid Academy – July

July Theme: Dive In! During the summertime, one of my favorite things to do is go to the swimming pool with my girls. It’s fun to dive into the pool and splash around with the sun beaming on your face. This month in Superkid Academy, we are diving into the word of God and learning… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! June 27th

Oh my! Wasn't Sunday's message by Pastor George soooo good? Hearing that they go through battles just as we do, and how they remain strong in faith was very encouraging! If you missed the service, or even if you didn't watch it Here! Our Proverbs Chapter 2 Study "None who go to her return again,… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! June 20th

What a wonderful Radiant we had this past Thursday! Pastor Kathryn Hanley, Min. Ashley Veney, and the 14Forty young ladies were amazing hosts! I especially enjoyed Pastor Kathryn's message on removing generational silos and becoming unified women of God no matter what our age is!! If you missed the meeting, you can watch it here:… Read more »

What is the ONE THING that is most important?

Together, all who attend EMIC are on a very important mission. Our mission is to “take a group of people and disciple them intensely in The WORD of God, teach them an uncommon faith, and help them stand victoriously in life.” That mission is who we are, what we do and what we preach. An… Read more »

Say, “I am STRONG in The LORD, and in the POWER of His MIGHT!”

I speak THE BLESSING of The LORD over you today! You are empowered toprosper. You are fruitful, increasing, multiplying, replenishing the earth and havingdominion over it. You are BLESSED coming in, and BLESSED going out. You havea supernatural surplus of prosperity, and you are furnished in abundance for everygood work. The Spirit of increase is… Read more »