EMIC Outreach Groups

Become part of the mission and vision at EMIC as you connect with others in an Outreach Group.  When a Group graphic shows MEETS ONLINE, please click on the Group graphic, the description will let you know how the Group meets (In Person, OR In Person & ONLINE, OR ONLINE only) If you have any… Read more »

EMIC ONLINE Discipleship Groups

Are you looking for an ONLINE Discipleship Group, allowing you to connect with others at EMIC to grow stronger in your faith? All the Groups listed are ONLINE via ZOOM. Please use the EMIC Group Finder to narrow your search, allowing you to easily find groups which work with your schedule, i.e., day of week,… Read more »

EMIC Coed Groups

Become part of EMIC's Coed Ministry Groups. If you have any questions about these Groups, please reach out to Pastor Peter Henneberry, the Groups Pastor at

EMIC Married Couples Groups

Become part of EMIC's foundation to the health of your marriage by participating and being involved with other EMIC couples. Each Group of married couples provides a unique, casual and inviting environment where you will see Biblical Principles applied to real life issues while enjoying the company of friends. If you have any questions about… Read more »

EMIC Discipleship & eGroups

EMIC Discipleship Groups At EMIC, our mission is to take a group of people and 'Disciple them.' We have three categories: Click here for In-Person Discipleship Groups (lasts for 12 weeks) Click here for ONLINE Discipleship Groups (lasts for 12 weeks) Click here for our ONLINE eGroups, this is a weekly group focused on connecting our eMembers (Online… Read more »