Student Ministries

The mission behind all of our Student Ministries areas is to provide babies, preschoolers, students and young adults a place where they can start, develop and grow in their life with Jesus. It’s important at every stage of development for the Word to impact their spirit, soul and body. No matter what the age, we all like to have fun and church should be a place where we can laugh, grow and invite others to be a part of this great adventure. Children and students learn and grow together so our Student Ministry areas are joined in the following ways:


PRESCHOOL families meet in the main sanctuary building. Our Preschool areas are led by Master Teachers who train and work with the Ministry of Helps adult and youth teams to provide ministry from birth through Kindergarten. We love teaching children how much Jesus loves them and introducing them to their friend for life. They are divided by appropriate age levels and graduate as they grow physically. Their journey looks like this:

· Birth – 7 months
· 8 – 15 months
· 16 – 23 months
· 2 years old
· 3 years old
· 4 years old
· Kindergarten

Preschool ministry is provided during all adult services on Sunday & Wednesday. Drop-off and pick-up times are 30 minutes before and after services.

SUPERKIDS are our 1st through 6th graders. During this stage of their life, things are really on the move and this is where the real adventure begins. Kids want to be part of the action, and Superkid Academy lets them. Ministry can really take place when the “Super” of God impacts a kid’s world visually, audibly and physically by letting them get in on the fun. Power-packed times with the children’s pastors, or “Commanders” as we call them, lead the way for our 6 to 12-year old students. As they join the fun, their Superkid journey looks like this:

Sunday Services

Superkids meets in the Student Life Center during service.

Wednesday Night Services – Cadet Training Program

Superkids are divided into smaller classes where relationships and further exploration into what God wants to show them can happen.
Grades 1-3 meet in the SKA room in the Student Life Center for Basic Training.
Grades 4-6 meet in the Student Life Center SC1 room for Cadet Electives.

Superkids meet during all adult services on Sunday & Wednesday*. Drop-off and pick-up times are 30 minutes before and after services.

*Main sanctuary family services include Superkids in 1st – 6th grade and happen approximately 4 times a year. Announcements and on-property signage will notify you in advance of these services.


14forty are our 7th through 12th graders. With 1,440 minutes in each and every day we have placed a call to action to the young men and women who attend 14forty: Live every minute, every day, all for the glory of God. Today’s young people want a church that is relevant, exciting and bold. That’s why our 14forty services are designed to instill life-altering values into the hearts of the youths who attend—values that empower them to live uncompromised lives…principled lives…lives that affect the world for Christ.

14forty meets on Wednesday nights in the chapel. Drop-off and pick-up times are 30 minutes before and after services.

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