EMIC Groups

At EMIC, we do life together. God did not design us to do life alone.

Our Sunday and Wednesday services provide you with a faith injection so you may accelerate towards the God-purpose on your life individually, and as a member of our church family.

We also want you to find a group of friends you can journey through life with; as well as grow stronger in your relationship with God. That’s exactly why Groups exist! And, that is also our mission statement …to take a group of people and Disciple them intensely in the Word of God.

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Discipleship Groups

Focus for 12 consecutive weeks around a specific Biblical topic (both ONLINE and In-Person).


Weekly eGroups for our ONLINE EMIC Campus.

Outreach Groups

Opportunities to become the hands and feet of Jesus while also being trained to share the Gospel message.

Fellowship Groups

Regular opportunities to connect with fellow believers who wish to live out their faith, while living the abundant life Christ promised (John 10:10).

Prayer Groups

Brother Copeland said, “Prayer needs to be the foundation for every Christian endeavor.” At EMIC we have daily opportunities for you to join a prayer Group, as you stand on God’s Word and unite your faith with others. 


Pastor Terri Pearsons reminds us that some things we usher in with our prayers, other things we stop from happening with our prayers, and some things we slow down or alter. How early we begin to pray makes the difference, along with the additional strength of corporate prayer. 


Prayer isn’t just presenting our needs to God.  Prayer is fellowshipping with God and hearing His heart. It is being His hands, His feet, and His voice as we communicate His plan, with love and faith.

Men's Ministries

Ages 13+

The Men of EMIC are focused on cultivating and reproducing impactful men of God who understand their Kingdom identity, calling and purpose. Our Men’s Groups are designed to help men advance in this journey.

Ladies Ministries

Ages 11+

It is our purpose in women's ministry to behold the beauty and the gifts that are on the inside of each woman. We are a sisterhood growing together in relationship as we discover through our common interests the splendor and joy of serving Him. To that resolve, we seek to develop those gifts and encourage one another in them through the many groups offered by our Radiant Women's Ministry.

the Bridge

Ages 19-30

We believe that life change happens in the context of relationships, and we want to get you connected to experience the full life God intends for you to live. We have several weekly groups where you can grow in your faith, make friends, and find spiritual accountability. Whether you are single, married, working, in college, etc., there is a place for you here!



Host a Discipleship Group

Are you interested in leading a Discipleship Group? Our Discipleship Groups exist to demonstrate a balance in life. Twelve weeks of focused discussion in a Group setting, followed by several weeks to practice the principles discussed in the Group. This creates an atmosphere of reflection, advancement, and lasting growth; and as a Group leader, you are making Discipleship happen for many. 

We look for Group leaders who are committed to creating a great atmosphere for people to build friendships and grow their relationships with Jesus, both in person and ONLINE for a 12-week period. You will be taking an active role in forwarding God’s kingdom.


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