Healing School

Healing School: Everywhere Jesus went He healed the sick, so it’s clearly the Father’s will for everyone to be healed. According to Isaiah 53:4–5, Jesus provided for our physical healing and freedom from sickness and disease on the cross. If you need healing or want to learn about ministering healing to others, please join us… Read more »

EMIC Latino

El grupo Hispano conecta a la iglesia EMIC con la población de habla hispana en nuestra área. Nos apasiona ayudar a las personas a cambiar de la leche, al alimento solido de la Palabra de Dios, demostrando el amor de Dios sin reserva, a cualquiera que esté dispuesto a recibirlo. Cada evento del Ministerio Hispano se realiza en español o tiene traducción al español disponible.


We have developed eMembership for those who regularly participate in EMIC services via the internet and want to become more connected to our church family. As an eMember, you will share in the same anointing that is on Eagle Mountain International Church. You will have the ability to watch and listen to live services and events, as well as archived messages. We are committed to being a church where anyone in the world can attend, even by their computer, to hear the uncompromising Word of God.

Pastoral Care

Caring is the heart of Pastoral Care Ministry at Eagle Mountain Church. Based on the Word of God, Pastoral Care is a ministry of compassion whose motivation is the love of God and the love of His people.

WordWorks Bookstore

Wordworks Bookstore offers a wide selection of Bibles, books, music, gifts and resource materials. We are located inside the Eagle Mountain Church main sanctuary building with an easy access street entrance for weekday shopping as well.