Radiant Happenings! April 20th

Often we hear about all the great things that Jesus said and did. And that is wonderful, but lately, I've had to face some of the corrective things He said, like this scripture: "Jesus said, “Forsake the habit of criticizing and judging others, and you will not be criticized and judged in return. Don’t condemn… Read more »

Pastor George Pearsons

Sunday Outline – April 16, 2023 This past Sunday, our Pastor, George Pearsons spoke on “Enemies on the Run!” Pastor shared while he was at the Victory campaign last week that he asked several people in the lobby; “Why did you come this year?”  They talked about the atmosphere.  They talked about the presence of… Read more »

Prayer Everywhere – Ps. 91 Initiative

Hello Pray-ers!  How exciting it is to be in the Body for such a time as this!  Recently, Pastor Terri has received a special direction from the Lord regarding praying Psalm 91 over properties and families. Some of the topics we are praying Psalm 91 over include campuses, homes, offices, schools, staff, congregants, partners, and… Read more »

14forty Youth – April Update

EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY, ALL FOR GOD’S GLORY! Hello 14forty Family, and welcome to our blog page. This is where we will keep you informed and up to date on what’s happening in 14forty.  Upcoming Events For more information on dates, times, locations, and registration requirements, please click each picture to be taken to the… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! April 13th

Have you heard (or perhaps even given) this familiar response when someone asks how you are doing? "I'm BLESSED and highly favored." It sounds like a great faith response, but is it? Scripture says it this way: "But he who looks carefully into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and faithfully abides by it,… Read more »

Superkid Academy – April 13

Commander’s Corner: This week in our series “Measure Up,” Superkids will learn about a faith giant: Noah!  By faith, Noah obeyed the instructions God gave him.  His faith was rewarded with the protection of his family.  Superkids will learn how faith in the Word of God will give them protection throughout their lives.  Remember to encourage your Superkid to… Read more »

Pastor George Pearsons

Sunday Outline – April 9, 2023 Resurrection Sunday. Brother Kenneth Copeland took a few minutes to speak about our focus.  He said, “There is no easter rabbits, and the word easter is only used one time in one translation” (Acts 12:4), other translations use the word, “Passover.” We need to be careful as we follow… Read more »

Superkid Academy – April 6

Commander’s Corner: He is Risen!  Join us this week as we honor the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior!  What an exciting way to kick off the new month! Our April theme is “Measure Up,” and it’s all about how to live by faith in the Word of God.  It takes faith to believe in Jesus!  We’ll build our… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! April 6th

Do you realize that you were created for success? When God created you He saw you victorious and successful from the beginning!! However, that may not be what you are seeing or experiencing right at this moment – but it can be!! How? Take a look at this scripture: "We have become his poetry,  a… Read more »