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Helping The Homeless

I took some time recently to look up information about the homeless population in the United States. The most current statistics show that there are close to 600,000 people experiencing this situation due to these four factors: lack of affordable housing, low wages, unemployment, or poverty.   Since our world and economy has seen so… Read more »

Through The Storm

Here in Texas, we seem to have a never-ending flow of weird weather patterns. One day it’s 80 degrees outside and the next day it could be below freezing. Most of the time, we can prepare for the weather based on the patterns and predictions. But when an unexpected storm comes, are we really ready?… Read more »

Open The Prison Doors

Hebrews 13:1-3 TPT “No matter what, make room in your heart to love every believer. And show hospitality to strangers, for they may be angels from God showing up as your guests. Identify with those who are in prison as though you were there suffering with them, and those who are mistreated as if you could… Read more »

Welcome To A New Year!

Welcome to 2023 EMIC Family! We’re walking into this year with purpose, hope, and new opportunities. If you were able to attend our New Year’s Eve service with Brother Copeland, you heard him speak to us about making the decision to be ready spiritually, physically, and mentally. The decisions we make to stay healthy in… Read more »

Help In Time of Need

We are coming into the peak of hurricane season in the gulf coast area. September through November is usually a busy time for our Relief Team as they prepare to be of help if our partners are ever in need after a storm.   Recently, we sent a 5-man team to an area near Pikeville,… Read more »

It’s Testimony Time!

The 2022 Southwest Believer’s Convention has come to a close and we had an amazing week with our Evangelism team! There was a special anointing over our training sessions this year. We saw many new faces and heard several times about how excited the partners were to receive the tools they needed to succeed in… Read more »

Revive Your City…Ignite The World!

It’s happening soon! The 2022 Southwest Believers’ Convention is an event that you won’t want to miss. Kenneth Copeland Ministries is celebrating 55 years in service to the Lord. We’ll have 6 full days of faith-filled teaching from 7 speakers! And there’s even something for the kids – Superkid Academy and 14forty Youth services. It’s… Read more »

Never Alone

Having fellowship with other believers is a blessing that has been given to the body of Christ. Maintaining healthy, Christ-centered relationships is a crucial part of keeping our mind, will, and emotions centered on God.   It can be difficult to look at things happening in the world right now and not be discouraged. Many… Read more »

Serving God

When we talk about serving in the church, we usually refer to Jesus telling His disciples that He came to be a servant, not to be served Himself. (Matthew 20:24-28) His life was all about serving others through His teachings and His healing ministry. He also led by example as He washed the disciples’ feet… Read more »

The Fire Within

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard several teachings referencing fire throughout scripture. There are two things that the Lord consistently asked me to pay attention to as I listened: the Holy Spirit fire within us and God Himself being described as fire.   John the Baptist spoke of believers being baptized in the Holy… Read more »