Claiming Victory!

There are so many ways that the world can try to defeat us. Everyday we see the stress in relationships, finances, jobs, addictions. Not to mention the emotional tolls such as worry, depression, anger, and anxiety. Sometimes it can be difficult – even to the point of overwhelming – to attempt to walk through some of these things without support.

Here at EMIC, we have resources that can help you claim victory over these attacks. Overcomers is a group that’s dedicated to helping people be successful in conquering these real-life challenges or anything else that may be holding you back in your walk with the Lord. All group leaders have personal testimonies of being set free themselves and can identify with whatever the struggle you carry in your life. The goal is to see freedom come through revealing the weights that slow you down (Hebrews 12:1) while providing an atmosphere of unconditional love and support.

Any time we struggle with an issue that’s attempting to steal our joy, the first place we should look is scripture. God’s Word is full of history that shows us how to overcome challenges by using faith and action (or obedience). Let’s look at David as an example.

David was a champion in the Bible. He started out by protecting his sheep from predatory animals and went on to defeat the giant Goliath – all with no physical armor – just a slingshot and a stone. But even a champion can have moments of defeat. David is also known for committing adultery with Bathsheba and then having her husband killed. He not only had to overcome what he had physically done, he was also dealing with guilt, shame, grief, greed, etc. And although there were consequences for his actions (i.e., the death of his first child with Bathsheba), David still knew he could turn to the Lord. 2 Samuel 12:20 tells us that after all that, he cleaned himself up and went to worship the Lord in the Tabernacle. God loved him, had anointed him for a higher purpose, and was offering forgiveness.

This is just some of David’s story showing how he used faith and action to overcome challenging times. For us to fully use our faith in God when walking through difficulties, we are required to be obedient to what He’s asked us to do – even if the action is just to wait, especially when we want to jump in and fix the situation ourselves.

Overcomers group can train you how to be victorious in life through study, prayer, and worship. You can participate at any time without having to register ahead. We meet every Friday evening from 7pm – 9pm in the Chapel. There’s even a special worship night coming up on June 10th

Join us as we learn how to CLAIM VICTORY in Christ!