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Word of The LORD Through Pastor George Pearsons for 2024

On Jan. 12, Pastor George Pearsons shared a word of The LORD for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, KCBC®, VICTORY Channel® and Eagle Mountain International Church. He described this word as a ‘dividing line’ and stressed its importance for all of us for 2024. Reiterating the priority this should be given as we enter a season of… Read more »

A Great Financial Wave is Coming

Prophecy given to the body of Christ through Kenneth Copeland Saturday Evening, August 7, 2021 – Southwest Believers’ Convention “A great financial wave is coming to the body of Christ.  Ideas that are My ideas, saith the Lord are coming.  If My people called by My name will seek Me and seek My face for… Read more »

The Coming Elections

  Brother Copeland delivered this Word concerning the upcoming elections. It is vital for everyone. Don’t get stressed or in fear over what may or may not happen. Stay in faith. Stay in the Word. And read this every day! –Pastor George Word of the Lord through Kenneth Copeland January 10, 2016 I remind you… Read more »