Prophecy by Justus Du Plessis to EMIC and KCM August 29, 1996

First thing He said to me, “You’re going to speak to the church this morning. You’re speaking to the ministries on prayer. I want you to be My mouthpiece. Speak to them slowly, gently, with divine urgency, because they have a dream and they have a vision which must be realized because I’ve given that to them.

They are My people. But they are people of destiny, and so be warned that nothing should be said that I have not said to you. Say it with compassion. Assure them that I know of the love that is amongst them. But that should increase tenfold in view of what is going to happen shortly.  Speak to Kenneth  Copeland Ministries and the International Church. Tell them that I regard them as people of destiny as much as I regarded those four young people, part of the banished nation far away from Jerusalem, waiting for the day when Jerusalem would once again be the home and the center of My people.

“You intended to speak on Daniel and certain excerpts from that. It is good because that is within the guidance of My Spirit and within the center of My will. But forget your notes. You’re not sermonizing.  Regard it as a prophetic spirit that has come to you through Me. Tell them that the secret of those four young men—Daniel,  Shadrach,  Meshach and Abednego–the secret was that they frequently prayed,  although they found themselves in a strange culture. They fasted. And as they will do what I am to tell you to do, they will feel My Spirit resting upon them, equipping them, empowering them to go forth and be My people in a world that is not very different from what they found themselves in. There are so many strange cultures in America. So many strange nations across the world. And this is an  international body, reaching out to the furthest corners of the world.

“Tell them to read the book of Daniel. It is a much-neglected book.  Some of My people have taken from it certain parts that they liked. But I would have them as a body to read the entire book, to commence with that reading individually and corporately as soon as possible.  They must hear it word for word. They must note the number of times that these people fasted and prayed, and let fasting be one of the clear motivations in their life to know My fullness and to know my plans for them.

“They are My people. They are people of My choice. They are people of destiny. The leadership must know that My Spirit will never depart from them. If they draw near unto Me, I shall draw near unto them.  More than that, I shall ever be with them, never removed at any distance. Shortly, they will be ministering in this country.

They will also be ministering in other countries, but every time, My anointing will rest upon them so powerfully that they will know they are people of My choice, and make themselves available.  I want them to know that everyone involved in the ministry, whether it be a menial task, the most unimportant task in their own eyes, if they’re My instruments, they are important. There is no link that can be taken out of the chain.

“I repeat, speak to them slowly, deliberately, fearlessly, but with divine compassion. Love them as My people, My Church,  My Body,  My Bride.  Reassure them once again of My love that is infallible at all times, and My Spirit that is available to them at all times since I dwell in them, I’ll be living with them and in them from this day forward more powerfully than ever before. They are My nation. They are My people of priests and prophets. And none of them, not the least of them, should try to withdraw from what I’m going to reveal to them and what I’m to require of them.”

Folks, I tried to sleep. But this power of God rested upon me so heavily, so mightily, that I…Whenever God reveals Himself to me it’s quickening and energizing. Yet this morning, when I woke up I was tired out. It was a remarkable experience.

I’m going to read a few passages which came to me at that time, to show you the importance of this book. And, Pastor George, I don’t know when you’re going to start it. The Lord said as soon as it’s  possible for you to do it, do it methodically, do it faithfully, both in your private capacities, and as a corporate Body.