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Rodeo Sunday

Sunday Outline – January 29, 2023 This past Sunday we had “Rodeo Sunday” as we celebrated Texas Heritage. “There never was a horse that couldn’t be rode, and never a cowboy that couldn’t be throwed.” There are times when you may have been thrown off the saddle of life, and this can leave you winded. … Read more »

Uncovering the City of David

Sunday Outline – January 22, 2023 Ze’ev Orenstein, director of international affairs for the City of David spoke this past Sunday. The Pool of Siloam, Journey underneath Jerusalem from the City of David to the Gihon spring. Pastor George shared before Ze’ev spoke on the meaning of Tzedakah, a Hebrew word meaning "righteousness," but commonly used to signify charity. This… Read more »

Do you want to change?

Sunday Outline – January 15, 2023 Last Sunday, Brother Rick Renner brought the Word, “Do you want to change?”     John 5:1 Bro. Rick began by looking at the healing ministry of Jesus. Jesus went up to Jerusalem, as geographically it was higher than the surrounding area.   Feast – the Word doesn’t tell… Read more »

Power of ONE Word – Pt.2

Continuation from Thursday Newsletter – January 12, 2023 Continuation from the Thursday, January 12th weekly Newsletter. If you do not receive the Newsletter, please request it by sending an email to . Growing up, I used to sing a song called, “Standing on the Promises of Christ My King,” (written by Russell Kelso Carter in… Read more »