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Superkid Academy – February

Commander’s Corner: This month, in Superkid Academy, we are focusing on the EMIC Core Value: We Honor God. I’m excited that as a church body we are participating in a corporate fast that Pastor George has proclaimed from February 5th – 25th.  During the month of February, we will teach the children biblical examples of… Read more »

Superkid Academy – January

Commander’s Corner: The Word of the Lord through Brother Copeland is the year of MORE, MORE, MORE & MORE!  That’s exactly how we are beginning the year in Superkids.  We are teaching the Superkids one of our EMIC core values: we put the Word of God first place. When they put the Word of God… Read more »

Superkid Academy – December

Commander’s Corner: During this Christmas season, the streets and neighborhoods are beautifully decorated with lights!  These lights remind us of the light of the world, the Savior, who came down from heaven to earth. That is why our theme in Superkids during December is called “Light it up!”  We will teach the Bible stories of… Read more »

Superkid Academy – November

Commander’s Corner: Our series this month is called “In the Garden” and we are teaching the Superkids about the fruit of the spirit!  In order for our children to grow in their relationship with the Lord and become all that God has called them to be, it’s important that they learn how to operate in… Read more »

Superkid Academy – September 28

Commander’s Corner: Our series this month is based on one of our EMIC Core Values: “We Protect the Anointing!”  Every one of our Superkids has a specific anointing and calling on their lives.  During the course of this series, we are teaching the youngest Superbabies to the most mature 5th graders how to guard and… Read more »

Superkid Academy – September 21

Commander’s Corner: Did you know that Jesus is praying for you and your children right now as you are reading this blog?!  This week our Superkids will learn about the love of Jesus and how he supports them with prayer every day.  “Therefore, he can save completely those who come to God through him, since… Read more »

Superkid Academy – September 14

Commander’s Corner: Proverbs 18:24 says: “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”  While many of us have good friendships, it’s important to remember that Jesus is also our friend!  This week we are teaching Superkids the story of when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  When everyone else had given up on… Read more »

Superkid Academy – September 7

Commander’s Corner: Superkids have a fun vocabulary word to learn this week: persistent! More specifically, they will learn what it means to be persistent in prayer!  We’ll teach the story of the unjust judge from Luke 18.  Sometimes it can feel like God isn’t listening to us or answering our prayers.  It can be easy… Read more »

Superkid Academy – August 31

Commander’s Corner: We are excited to teach our Superkids about prayer this month in our series, “What Did Jesus Pray?” From Superbabies through 5th grade, our Superkids will learn how to pray! The series starts off with the foundation of prayer that Jesus taught His disciples in Mathew 6.  This is known as the “Lord’s… Read more »

Superkid Academy – August 24

Commander’s Corner: This Sunday concludes our Top Ten series!  We have been reviewing the ten commandments this month and have taught the Superkids about our EMIC core value: We Honor God.  This week we are learning how to honor God by obeying His commandment: “Do not covet.”  Superkids will learn the story of Elisha &… Read more »