Superkid Academy – September 7

Commander’s Corner:

Superkids have a fun vocabulary word to learn this week: persistent! More specifically, they will learn what it means to be persistent in prayer!  We’ll teach the story of the unjust judge from Luke 18.  Sometimes it can feel like God isn’t listening to us or answering our prayers.  It can be easy to get impatient as we wait for the answer to come.  But the Word of God says that God is a good father, and He will not fail us! We will teach Superkids how to wait patiently while having faith in God’s Word! They can learn to be persistent in prayer and see their prayers come to pass!

Prayer Family Activity:

Start a family prayer journal together!  Write scriptures such as Philippians 4:6-7 to remind your Superkids about the importance of prayer!

Wednesday Night Elective Highlight:

Our 3rd – 5th graders in the “Salute” elective are learning about honor!  With students back in school, it’s important for them to have a deeper level of discipleship on what honor is and what honor looks like in our daily activities.  We are teaching Superkids about honor in a small group setting so they can learn, ask questions, and have fun at the same time!