Superkid Academy – September 28

Commander’s Corner:

Our series this month is based on one of our EMIC Core Values: “We Protect the Anointing!”  Every one of our Superkids has a specific anointing and calling on their lives.  During the course of this series, we are teaching the youngest Superbabies to the most mature 5th graders how to guard and protect the anointing that has been given to them.  This Sunday we are building a foundation for Superkids to understand their anointing.  We are teaching them about Jesus’s anointing found in Luke 4.  Jesus boldly declared what He was anointed to do.  Our Superkids will learn how to discover their special anointing from the Lord and how to boldly walk in that anointing just like Jesus did! 

Superkid Broadcast:

Watch our weekly broadcast here!

Sarah Spindler:

Sarah faithfully serves in Superbabies and loves each and every baby that comes into our room with such excellence and grace. She has a way of seeing a need and making it happen! Not only is she always willing to jump in and serve when needed, but she always does it with a joyful heart. We are so grateful to Mrs. Sarah for being a part of our crew!

Bring Your Bible to School Day:

Encourage your Superkid to bring their Bible to school with them on Thursday, October 5th! Bring Your Bible to School Day is an annual event to encourage and empower students to share the Gospel!