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Superkid Academy – August 11

Commander’s Corner: This week in our series about honor, we’re learning about Samuel! When Samuel was Superkid age, he honored Eli by doing what Eli said (1 Samuel 3). God has placed ministers, pastors, teachers, etc. in each of our lives to help us grow as believers. Samuel learned to hear God’s voice because he… Read more »

Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner: Wow! This summer has been filled with faith and fun at Superkid Academy, and school is just around the corner! We’re getting ready with a new series called Honor Roll! One of EMIC’s core values is: We Honor God. During the month of August, we’re teaching the Superkids what honor is and how… Read more »

Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner: July is coming to a close! We are wrapping up our series about salvation and baptism this Sunday by reviewing everything we’ve learned! We’ll look at the conversion of Saul from Acts 9 and see what changed in his life when he had an encounter with God. Everything changed in Saul’s life –… Read more »

Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner: On Sundays, we are continuing our series on baptism in birth-5th grade.  This week, we are focusing on the second baptism, the baptism in the Holy Spirit!  We will teach from the story of Acts chapters 1 & 2 about the day of Pentecost.  We will point out the significance of children praying in… Read more »

Superkid Academy – July 14

Commander’s Corner: It’s time to jump in the river!  In Superkids this week, we are talking about how salvation and water baptism go hand in hand.  We will teach the Superkids the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian from Acts chapter 8. The Ethiopian received Jesus, and then was baptized in a nearby river.  From… Read more »

Superkid Academy – July 6

Commander’s Corner: This week in Superkid Academy is all about water baptism!  What a great time to talk about water baptism, since many Superkids are spending their summer days at the pool.  We will teach them one of the most important baptism stories in the Bible: the time when Jesus was baptized in John chapter… Read more »

Superkid Academy – June 30

Commander’s Corner: July is a fun summer month!  Time for swimming, cookouts, and fireworks with friends and family!  In Superkid Academy, we are starting a new series called “Living Waters.”  Our Superkids are going to learn about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and water baptism.  In honor of Independence Day, Sunday, July 3rd our topic… Read more »

Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner: There are many exciting things taking place in Superkid Academy this week!  On Sunday morning, we are continuing our series called “Healing Zone.”  We will teach birth-5th grade the story of when a lame man was lowered through the roof and Jesus healed him.  We are also hosting Vacation Bible School right here on… Read more »

Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner: This week we are celebrating FATHERS for Father’s Day!!! Our children need strong fathers of faith in the home. This week, we will talk about the role that a father has in the lives of their children. We will teach the children the story of when Jairus’s daughter was raised from the dead… Read more »

Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner: It’s getting busy in the Healing Zone!  This week in Superkid Academy, we are heading over to the crosswalk and will learn about the time that a lame man got up and WALKED!  We will teach from Acts chapter 3 when the Lord used Peter and John to heal the beggar at the… Read more »