Superkid Academy – November 24

Commander’s Corner:

I pray everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and time to gather around the table with your family.  Speaking of gathering around the table, this week in Superkid Academy, the children are learning about how Daniel and his friends gathered around the King’s table.  But there were some things on that table that they were not allowed to eat, according to Jewish customs.  Daniel and his friends had to have the fruit of self-control to obey God and His commands.  Talk to your kids this week about circumstances where they can practice the fruit of self-control and patience.  You can ask them to take turns when playing with their toys or video games.  Daniel and his friends were recognized by the King because they had self-control.  Our children will be recognized by their teachers and leaders as they practice self-control every day by honoring the Lord and his commands. 

Wednesday Nights:

Our Superkids have been enjoying the God and Creation elective! This week, they will learn how God created animals and humans. Ephesians 2:10 says that we are God’s masterpiece. Out of all the things that God created, we are the only thing created in His image! 

Our Jr. Superkids will learn about how to tell the Truth. They’ll learn that the Word of God is the Truth and that they can be honest in everything they say and do!