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What is better than food, family, and The Word?? That’s right, NOTHING!! You can’t do Tuesdays alone. The last two weeks of our “Roots & Fruits” Series were so powerful. We got to hear Pastor Stephen AND Charity Shelton minister on gentleness and lives were changed! Then, this past week, Pastor Stephen wrapped up the… Read more »

Bridge Blog

Bridge doesn’t stop when summer starts!! We continue to meet weekly on Tuesday nights, where the Lord has been ministering to our young adults through the “Fruits and Roots: series. If you have not been there, don’t worry… you can go back and watch any of the weeks on our YouTube: Make sure to livestream… Read more »

The Bridge Blog

What a powerful time we’ve had at The Bridge these last few weeks…and it just keeps getting better and better! We’ve spent the last several weeks diving into a series called “Fruits & Roots,” a study of the fruit of the Spirit. As we’ve dug deeper into the word and examined each individual fruit, the… Read more »