Superkid Academy – December 1

Commander’s Corner:

It’s Christmas time!!!  The lights are shining on rooftops, Christmas trees are glistening inside of homes, and the story of the birth of Jesus is being told!  Our December series in Superkid Academy is called “Jesus Unwrapped.”  We will teach the Superkids all about Jesus, and  the true meaning of Christmas.  We’ll start off this week reading about how the plan was unwrapped to Mary when the angel appeared to her and told her that she would have a baby.  As we unwrap the supernatural events that took place during the birth of our Savior this month, I pray that God’s great plans for your family will begin to be unwrapped, too! 

Here are some fun ideas to create Christmas memories together!

Make Christmas Cookies 

Jump in the car and drive around to see the Christmas lights

Sit by the fire and read the story of Jesus’s birth

Visit a nursing home 

Go caroling in your neighborhood!

Wednesday Nights:

It’s time for a pin pal party! Each Superkid in 1st-5th grade will receive their elective pins.  We’ll also kick off the Christmas season with a gingerbread contest in 1st-5th grade, while our Jr. Superkids get to decorate cookies!

Nikki Buckhalter

Mrs. Nikki is such an example of what it means to be a loyal and committed volunteer. She’s been faithfully serving in our 5 Years – Kindergarten class for years! She loves to teach the lessons and present the Word of God to our Superkids in a fun and exciting way! Nikki, thank you so much for all of the seed that you sow into our Jr. Superkids! We love you!