Superkid Academy – November 10

Commander’s Corner:

We are continuing to reach out to Superkids about the fruit of the spirit. This week is about peace and faithfulness! We’ve all discovered that life isn’t always a peaceful walk on the beach, and the Word of God even tells us that storms will come. There will be storms, strong winds, and sometimes even hurricanes that will come, but we have an anchor in that storm. It’s Jesus and the authority He has given us as children of God to speak to that storm. Our Superkids will be learn this week about the time the disciples were in the midst of a storm. They were crying out and thought they were going under, but then the great I AM appeared! Jesus came walking on the water to rescue them! Once Peter recognized it was Jesus, he recognized that if Jesus can do it, then he can do it! Peter got out of the boat and began walking on the water with Jesus! He walked on top of the very thing that he was once so afraid of. Yes, he did sink, but he didn’t stay under. He got back up!

Our Superkids are going to learn to take their authority and walk on everything that would try to bring fear and chaos into their lives. Talk to your children this week about their God given authority as children of God to speak to scary things and walk on top of them in great victory! They can do this with the powerful force of peace and God’s faithfulness!

Wednesday Nights:

This week we are going to highlight our prayer elective. The children will learn about the importance of the gift of the Holy Spirit, specifically about the power that comes with our secret prayer language!

Birth – Kindergarten will learn that they are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!