A Great Financial Wave is Coming

Prophecy given to the body of Christ through Kenneth Copeland

Saturday Evening, August 7, 2021 – Southwest Believers’ Convention

“A great financial wave is coming to the body of Christ.  Ideas that are My ideas, saith the Lord are coming.  If My people called by My name will seek Me and seek My face for ideas that help people, and serve people, I will bless those ideas and turn them into magnificent fortunes if they will listen to Me. So that they can not only bless the body of Christ but bless mankind.  I am interested in that, saith the Lord.  I am interested in that. 

I want to do that.  And I would whole lot rather bless My people than someone else.  Because if My people are blessed then they can win to someone else.  And it’s time for that.  In fact, it’s past time, saith the Lord.  And in times past I have been grieved over this, but it’s coming and it’s coming very, very soon.  It will begin this year and it will flow on into next year with great, great results, and great outpourings of financial blessing to My people, saith God.”