Jerry Savelle, Word from the Lord 12/31/2016

Word from the Lord given to Dr. Jerry Savelle

12/31/2016 at 9:10 pm

“There is a level of prosperity that you have never known, nor even hoped for… but I am empowering all those who dare believe that it is available. And I will show them how to tap into it and it will begin to manifest in their lives in this coming New Year,” saith the Lord.

“I will take them to a higher level of prosperity and success, which they didn’t ever think was possible. For this is the time for My faithful ones to flourish and to thrive and to excel in every area of their lives. And it will indeed be a year unlike any other you have known. For special and unusual and extraordinary blessings are being released right now and will continue to be released throughout 2017. And it shall be glorious in your sight.”

“Stay in faith,” saith the Lord. “For these are the days that you have longed for. Determine that giving up is unacceptable and don’t even give it another thought. For I am honoring your patience. I am honoring your steadfastness. I am honoring your unwavering stand on My Word. And remember, I have declared that the faithful shall abound in My blessings and the time has come for you to experience this in it’s fullness. Rest assured that I am faithful to bring this to pass. So, rejoice and again I say rejoice!”