Word from Jesse McElreath Concerning EMIC

The dove of the Holy Spirit is over Eagle Mountain Lake and is descending in power and might over the Eagle Mountain Church. I have seen in a vision a huge tower at the mountain and from it is flowing radio and television signals being beamed to the entire world. I have seen in this same vision literally thousands of pilgrims making their way from across this earth to the Mountain. I have seen them camped all over the grounds simply waiting for someone to come and preach the Good News of the Gospel to them. What I have seen far surpasses the “Toronto Blessing” and the “Pensacola Outpouring.” Ten thousand a day will be saved. I have seen our church linked arm and arm with you to minister to the multitudes. We will be helping with the food, shelter, and discipling. The seed that is sown at Eagle Mountain International Church will yield first thirty then sixty then hundred fold. It will take “all hands on deck” to take care of the harvest that is coming. I see a big sign blinking on and off saying, “Thirst is everything! Obey your thirst!”

You build it and they will come! God is granting you the desires of your heart. You will know Him in a way you have never known Him. His intimate presence will be revealed to a degree that you will not be able to stand and minister. Your awareness of the Father’s love for you will stretch your spirit to the limit. The Father loves you. He really, really loves you!