Never Alone

Having fellowship with other believers is a blessing that has been given to the body of Christ. Maintaining healthy, Christ-centered relationships is a crucial part of keeping our mind, will, and emotions centered on God.


It can be difficult to look at things happening in the world right now and not be discouraged. Many people lost loved ones due to a global pandemic and some are still walking through long term effects associated with the virus. We hear about political turmoil that started with unfair election practices. We’re seeing the financial increases because of distribution issues which began with the pandemic shutting down businesses…the vicious cycle could just keep going and going.


Just the thought of everything changing around us can cause anxiety, depression, frustration, anger; not to mention the physical needs that may have become heavier – rent/housing costs, fuel prices, lack of items on the grocery shelves. It can become very overwhelming.

You may relate to some of these issues listed and it can begin to feel like you’re the only one that feels this way. Please be assured that you are never alone. As believers, we always have God with us when we’re walking through the valleys. (Psalm 23:4) But He went further than that to help us. He made sure that man was not alone from the very beginning of creation. (Genesis 2:18)


Fellowship with God is a key factor in any believer’s life. It’s necessary to spend time with Him in order to build relationship, but He also speaks to us about fellowship with each other. Fellowship allows us to connect with each other through our connection with the Lord. Not only will our personal relationships grow, but our spiritual relationship with Heavenly Father will also grow as we sharpen each other with the Word and worship. (Proverbs 27:17; Hebrews 10:24-25)


If you’re feeling alone in your struggle, we want to encourage you to attend our Overcomers group on Fridays at 7:00pm in the Chapel. The Lord will bring you together with other believers that will help you focus on Jesus and get a better understanding of who you are in Christ. Here are some testimonies of victory that have come from this group:

“I’ve found a new level of trust in ABBA’s love for me.”


“Overcomers is a safe group of like-minded believers. It’s given me more spiritual tools so I can let go of hinderances and fight the enemy at his onset.”


“Overcomers has been a blessing to me. I’ve come to new levels in trusting God. This group has been an overwhelming answer to prayer!”


“This group is definitely Spirit led – it’s the real deal. I look forward to coming because I know I will hear from the Lord and experience His presence.”


“Glory to God for the leaders’ faithful anointing in Overcomers! I’m learning to grow and overcome. I have received deliverance and freedom from anxiety and fear. I now have peace and feel safe to enter into praise, worship, and prayer with Father God.”


“This weekly class will equip you to be victorious in life. It teaches how God works in and through us as seasons begin and change happens. It prepares us to be able to stand.”