101 Things God Said About Healing

​Proverbs 4:20-24 tells us to keep God’s Word close to us, in the center of our hearts. The Word of God shall be life to those who stand on it, as well as healing and health to all their flesh. Here is the list of “101 Things God Says about Healing” that Pastors George and… Read more »

Our 2021 Marching Orders

January 2021 Letter from Pastor George Pearsons Welcome to the new year! I have an extremely high expectation of what we will experience this year. Together, let’s determine to stay in a place of strong faith. The LORD has amazing plans for this year. You and I are going to walk out every step of… Read more »

Inauguration Day – Have Faith in God!

Pastor George PearsonsWednesday, January 20, 2021 Today was Inauguration Day in the United States.America has a new President.Some are thrilled.Others—not so. For those who may be wondering about the future of our nation, we have our scripture to stand on.Mark 11:22 says, “HAVE FAITH IN GOD!” But, what about the new administration?            HAVE FAITH IN… Read more »

2021: The Year of the Local Church

Download the 2021 Bible Reading Schedule Download the 2021 EMIC Superkid Academy Bible Reading Plan Download the 2021-2022 (Two-Year) Bible Reading Schedule Download the 2021 Prophecy Card 2021 Words From The LORDThrough Kenneth Copeland 2021—the Year of the Local ChurchA most powerful move of God will take place in the local church. The glory of… Read more »

Vote 2020 – What Does the Bible Say?

Pastor George was given an assignment from the Lord to get the word out to the Body of Christ, and especially Pastors, concerning what the Word says about the current political decisions before us. It is time to look at the two political platforms and see what each one says about particular issues. Presidential Prayer… Read more »

Welcome Home to Wednesday Night Services!

We are so excited for our families to gather together in person once again on Wednesday nights!  This is an important time for the church to come together in unity to pray for our nation and the upcoming election and we want YOU to be a part! While we gather in the sanctuary, Jr. Superkids… Read more »

Vision for the Revival Capital of the World

Every church and ministry have specific assignments from heaven. Sometimes those assignments are received as prophetic words. It’s important to go back and refresh yourself on those prophetic words. I want to look at what the Lord has spoken concerning Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM). I began working for KCM in 1976. I started the in-house… Read more »

2020—The Year of New Visions, Great Change, and Manifest Power

November 8, 2019 • Washington, D.C. Victory Campaign  During the VICTORYThon, and those of you who watched it remember this. I spent most of my time…I mean this wasn’t my deal. This was Jesse and all our broadcasters who got together. They had a camera set up in our den/kitchen area at the house where… Read more »

The 3:16 Experience – Next Class coming Oct 26, 2019!

Matthew 28 commissions all of us to go and make disciples, teaching others how to faithfully follow Jesus and experience the everlasting life He has freely given to all who believe.  We have an opportunity for you to learn how to carry out this scripture! Below you will find video recordings from our past 3:16 classes,… Read more »

Living in the Blessing

How exciting it is to be living in the Year of Abundant Harvest! Great and wonderful harvests are ready to be called into the storehouses of faith. Thank you so much for your faithful commitment to EMIC! We are blessed that you are part of our congregation, increasing and abounding in every area of your… Read more »