Radiant Happenings! May 18th

We just celebrated Mother's Day this past Sunday, and towards the end of service, Pastor Terri began mentioning people groups who may not be experiencing a happy Mother's Day due to various reasons. One of the reasons she mentioned was in light of Pastor George's teaching on the legacy of faith that Timothy had received… Read more »

Superkid Academy – May 18

Commander’s Corner: This week Superkids are learning about the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit!  The Bible tells us that “the just shall live by faith,” and “without faith it’s impossible to please God” (Hab. 2:4, Heb. 11:6).  Taking up the shield of faith will stop the fiery darts of the enemy…. Read more »

Pastor George Pearsons

Sunday Outline – May 14, 2023 This past Sunday, Mother’s Day, our senior Pastor, George Pearsons shared the word as he spoke on “A Legacy of Faith.” 2 Timothy 1:1-5; (KJV) “Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, according to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus, To Timothy,… Read more »

Superkid Academy – May 11

Commander’s Corner: Superkids are looking great this month as we continue our series about the armor of God!  This week we are teaching about the shoes of peace & breastplate of righteousness.  Superkids will learn about the force of peace that is available to them in every circumstance and that they are the righteousness of… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! May 11th

I remember when I was a KCBC student and Dr. Charles Green came to speak with us. He brought up what can sometimes be an uncomfortable topic… death. But, in true Charles Green style, he joked about how we tell people about the wonderfulness of Heaven, but then when they die and go there, we… Read more »

14forty Youth – May Update

EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY, ALL FOR GOD’S GLORY! Hello 14forty Family, and welcome to our blog page. This is where we will keep you informed and up to date on what’s happening in 14forty.  Upcoming Events For more information on dates, times, locations, and registration requirements, please click each picture to be taken to the… Read more »

Legacy of Faith – Young Adult Generations

“Whether we have children or not, every man is called to be a father in the faith.” -Pastor George Pearsons   Men, are you leaving a legacy of faith? On April 15, 2023, Pastor Stephen shared an important message about the generation of young adults that he pastors and the need and desire they have… Read more »

Pastor George Pearsons

Sunday Outline – May 7, 2023 Last Sunday, Pastor George ministered that we are “Carriers of the Glory.” Pastor George highlighted one of the key points Pastor Terri made in her message the previous Sunday, “Drawing Upon the Elements of the Divine.” One significant part in your body is your DNA. This life of God bears… Read more »

Superkid Academy – May 4

Commander’s Corner: It’s time to suit up!!  In the month of May we are teaching our Superkids how to dress for success!  We don’t just dress for success with natural clothing, but with the armor of God!  Every week we are learning about what each piece of God’s armor represents, starting with the belt of… Read more »