Word from Jesse McElreath Concerning EMIC

The dove of the Holy Spirit is over Eagle Mountain Lake and is descending in power and might over the Eagle Mountain Church. I have seen in a vision a huge tower at the mountain and from it is flowing radio and television signals being beamed to the entire world. I have seen in this… Read more »

Disaster Relief – Rowlett, Texas

On December 26th, the town of Rowlett, Texas was hit directly by a tornado, which the National Weather Service classified as an EF-3. Damage assessments of 513 homes found 80 totally destroyed, 187 had major damage and 155 had minor damage. Nearly 6,000 were without power following the storm. Join with us to help those in… Read more »


I so LOVE watching our Faith “kids” living their lives in such victory! Callie Sanders, who’s not really a “kid” (except to me) is studying in Israel. Yesterday she sent us this AMAZING testimony about being untouchable! You gotta read this! “After doing some shopping after school today, I was walking home like I have… Read more »

“The Healing Church” by Gloria Copeland

Gloria Copeland Healing School Chattanooga 1995 “The Healing Church” Matthew 10:1,5,8 And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. These twelve Jesus sent forth. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers,… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

  Happy Thanksgiving from Pastors George and Terri!

“The Year of the Great Breaking Loose”

Word of the Lord for 2016 through Dr. Jerry Savelle “Extraordinary things are taking place in the heavenlies and 2016 will come to be known as “The Year of the Great Breaking Loose.” More and more notable miracles will break loose in the earth. More and more signs and wonders. More and more angelic visitations. More… Read more »

The October Outpouring

These are exciting times. The move of God at EMIC has been going on for more than a year, with the plan to keep it going until Jesus comes. We are ascending to higher places in Him every time we gather. I have such anticipation of what The LORD is going to do! We are… Read more »

Don’t Let the Bad Outweigh THE GLORY!

Praise God that His glory is being poured out all over the earth, and right here at Eagle Mountain! We are experiencing so many wonderful things in the church and in our personal lives. Signs, wonders, miracles, visitations, manifestations and demonstrations are the order of the day. The move of God is on, and His… Read more »

Miracles: God’s Power on Display

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is here! We are experiencing the former and latter rain coming together in a glory storm of God’s power and might. It’s not subsiding. On the contrary, it’s increasing every day! The glory is here. We are witnessing the fulfillment of the prophetic word for 2015 The LORD gave… Read more »

I Will Visit Every Hungry Heart

I declare the glory of The LORD over you today. Prepare to experience a greater degree of God’s presence, power and goodness. Remember, this is the Year of the Open Door. Together, we are stepping through open doors into visitations of the Holy Spirit, manifestations of His glory and demonstrations of His power. Earlier this… Read more »