Radiant Happenings! May 9th

It's been another WORD POWER PACKED weekend! It began with a tremendous Word brought by Brother Copeland through Pastor Terri at the KCBC Graduation. Then the commencement speech by Pastor Nancy Dufresne. Followed by an energizing Word from Pastor George on Sunday!! AND all of those messages directly link to the message that is going to be brought this Thursday (5/9) at Radiant!! If you can get to the meeting – DO SO!!

Now for this week's verse in Proverbs 2:

"Discretion shall watch over you, understanding shall keep you," Proverbs 2:11 (AMPC)

When you walk in God's wisdom, His promise of discretion becomes a reality in your life. Discretion is the divine direction that rises up from your spirit as you are about to do what you shouldn't do. You may not necessarily be ready to commit sin, but you may be about to make a wrong turn in life, such as putting your children in the wrong school, accepting the wrong job, etc. When that happens, discretion will rise up in you and say, "Don't go this way. Go that way instead."

So make discretion your friend. Be quick to hear that divine instruction. It may just be a simple, little thing. For instance, you might be driving somewhere, and the Lord may tell you, "Don't go that route; go around the other way." And as you obey that inner nudge, you might just avoid an accident.

Listen to what the Kesuvim / The Writings (Mishlei/Proverbs) on pg. 18 say about verse eleven:

Vs. 11 "[A wise] design will watch over you [and] understanding will safeguard you. This explains the earlier stress on Torah and discernment. When a person commits himself unreservedly to the Torah, he will refrain from transgressing it (Radak). 

Now, here’s a look at what is happening this week into next with our Radiant groups!

  • Thursday, May 9th is our next Radiant meeting. Join us in the Chapel at 7pm as we honor our spiritual mothers and female generals in the faith by gleaning from their wisdom on living in a state of spiritual readiness. Doors open at 6:30 pm with food and fellowship. Children’s ministry is provided for ages birth-5th grade. Registration is required, so bring a friend and register today here: Radiant

  • Saturday, May 11th is our Advancing in Faith group. This group is using Brother Kenneth E. Hagin’s study guide, Bible Faith! We meet every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month in the Living Room modular at 9 am. This group is also available online via Zoom.

  • Sunday, May 12th is our Marriage Re-Envisioned group for single women. Come join us as we learn the essentials of preparing for marriage. Whether you are single, divorced, or widowed we have a place for you! We meet every 2nd Sunday right after service in SLC Classroom B. You may bring a lunch with you.

  • Monday, May 13th is our weekly Radiant Discipleship group led by Pastor Cathy Grigg. Join us as we study Dr. Bill Winston's teaching on Living In The Fourth Dimension! We meet at 12:15 pm in the Hospitality Room. This group is also available via Zoom! Click here to register!

  • Tuesday, May 14th is our Growing From Glory to Glory group. A time to enjoy the Word of God, good teaching, and light refreshments with other women of EMIC. They meet every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 12:15 pm & 5:30pm in the Hospitality Room. 

  • Wednesday, May 15th is our Radiant Bible Study. Enjoy the Word of God and good teaching with other women of EMIC. We meet every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Hospitality Room at 10:30 am.

  • Thursday, May 16th is our monthly Women's Business Group meeting at 7pm in the Living Room modular. Topic: Color Me Curious about Business Branding 
    Now is the time to learn how to incorporate your business colors and/or logos into your wardrobe. Lauryn Bray will share ideas on how you can take your business colors and help reinforce your branding. Learn how to stand out amongst the crowd and have a cohesive look in your business. We will have discussion time to share tips with each other as well. 

For information on any of our groups, email women@emic.org. Also, if you are ever in need of prayer, please call our prayer line at 877-281-6297. Or, if you need pastoral counseling, call the church office at 817-252-2900 to schedule a time to meet with me.

You are LOVED!

Pastor Cathy