14forty Youth May Blog

EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY, ALL FOR GOD’S GLORY! 14forty Pastors Kathryn Hanley, Holden Hanley, and Ara Veney. Hello 14forty Family, and welcome to our blog page. This is where we will keep you informed and up to date on what’s happening in 14forty.  Recent Event Highlights: Our annual Middle School Lock-In was a blast! Over 50 middle… Read more »

The Bridge Blog

What a powerful time we’ve had at The Bridge these last few weeks…and it just keeps getting better and better! We’ve spent the last several weeks diving into a series called “Fruits & Roots,” a study of the fruit of the Spirit. As we’ve dug deeper into the word and examined each individual fruit, the… Read more »

Make My Joy Complete

Many scholars treat Philippians 1 as the introduction and chapter 2 as the beginning of the body of Paul’s letter. It is certainly true that Paul shows pastoral care and concern in chapter 1, but his tone changes dramatically in chapter 2 when he reveals his primary reason for writing the letter. In Philippians 2:1-11,… Read more »

My Heart Is Established

I believe you are strong in The LORD, and in the power of His might. Your faith is growing phenomenally. Your love is increasing, and your heart is becoming established in God’s WORD.  The stronger we are in faith and the more established we become, the easier it is to receive from God. We can… Read more »

The Authority of the Believer Discipleship Breakouts

One of the key aspects of our mission statement is to disciple people intensely in the Word of God.  For the last four weeks, Pastor George has been teaching on “The Authority of the Believer”.  For the next four weeks, we will have discipleship breakout groups focused on engaging our congregation in discussions about what… Read more »

Expect God’s Open Hand

We have a high expectation of what The LORD is going to do for, in and through us this year. Second Chronicles 20:20 says, “Believe in The LORD your God and you shall be established; believe and remain steadfast to His prophets and you shall prosper” (Amplified Bible, Classic Edition). Let’s review several of the… Read more »

Celebrating 2022 with YOU!

I have very high expectations of all The LORD is going to do throughout this year. We will experience supernatural acceleration in every area of our lives. Five years ago, The LORD ministered a powerful word to me about time. Speaking to the church and ministry, He said, You will get more done in one… Read more »

For This Reason…

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Pastor Terri and I are believing with you for the most amazing and outstanding Christmas you have ever have. We love you and are thankful to God that you have chosen to be part of our church family. We pray for you every day, asking God to bless you,… Read more »

2022: The Year of Correction, Direction, Protection, and Perfection

Download the 2022 Bible Reading Schedule Download the 2022 Bible Reading Schedule (2-Year Version) Download the 2022 EMIC Superkid Academy Bible Reading Plan Download the 2022 Word of the Lord Prophecy Card 2022 Words From the Lord Through Kenneth Copeland 2022-the Year of Correction, Direction, Protection and Perfection in the Spirit, Soul and Body in… Read more »