Superkid Academy – October 6

Commander’s Corner:

This week in Superkid Academy we are learning about “Thankful Praise” and how Hannah praised God for her miracle son, Samuel. Hannah prayed a very long time for a child, and when her prayers were answered, she remembered to worship God with gratitude. We want to teach our kids the importance of thankfulness and how to express their thankfulness through worship. The best way to teach children is by demonstration. Whenever my family sees God answer our prayers, we make a point to stop, take hands, thank God, and worship Him together. Take time to read 1 Samuel 2:1-10 before school in the morning or before bedtime. Ask your kids what they are most thankful for. Thanksgiving opens the door for God to work in our lives!

Wednesday Nights:

We are continuing our electives this Wednesday in 1st-5th grade, where our children receive hands on training and experience! Our 1st and 2nd graders will learn about the EMIC core value: we walk in love. They will be taught about the story of Ruth and Naomi.

Birth-Kindergarten will learn the Superkid Creed line “Jesus is my Savior!” No babysitting around here! Each child is taught the Word of God every time they enter the classroom.

Mark Hankins:

You are invited to join us for our Sunday morning service with special guest speakers Mark & Trina Hankins on October 9th. Children birth-5th grade will have 9:00 am Sunday School and will check into their classrooms for 10:00 am services.

Baby Dedications:

Do you have a baby or child that you would like to dedicate to the Lord? We will be having baby dedications on Sunday, October 16th during the 10am service. Please register here by Wednesday, October 12th.