Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner:

There are many exciting things taking place in Superkid Academy this week!  On Sunday morning, we are continuing our series called “Healing Zone.”  We will teach birth-5th grade the story of when a lame man was lowered through the roof and Jesus healed him.  We are also hosting Vacation Bible School right here on the mountain June 28th-30th.  Superkids will get a serious faith boost all three days as they are fueled up with Jesus, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit!  

But wait – that’s not all!  We still have our Wednesday night service where 1st-5th grade will continue to compete in our Summer Olympic games!  We teach the children how champions always obey their coaches.  We’ll jump into the story of when God told Abraham to leave his country and family and go to a land he knew nothing about.  Because of his willingness to obey, God blessed and multiplied him greatly!