Superkid Academy

Commander’s Corner:

July is coming to a close! We are wrapping up our series about salvation and baptism this Sunday by reviewing everything we’ve learned! We’ll look at the conversion of Saul from Acts 9 and see what changed in his life when he had an encounter with God. Everything changed in Saul’s life – including his name! Our Superkids have the opportunity each week to have a life-changing encounter with God as well. Be sure to talk to your children about their time in Superkids each week – ask about what they learned, what they did, and even what they wrote in their notes! Here’s a great way to create open communication with your Superkids about what God’s doing in their lives: tell them about what God’s teaching you as their parent. As a fun activity, exchange or review sermon notes with your Superkids on a Sunday afternoon and talk about it as a family!

Join us for the Southwest Believer’s Convention on Wednesday, August 3rd! We will not have our regular Wednesday night service at EMIC, but instead will be downtown at the Fort Worth Convention Center. 

Southwest Believers’ Convention:

“The Spirit of God has made me, and the Breath of the Almighty gives me life.” —Job 33:4 (NLT)

Have you ever found yourself so focused on a difficult task that you held your breath?  Now, I don’t mean you completely quit breathing, of course.  (That would be bad news, since oxygen is, you know, pretty necessary for survival.) But, your lungs just weren’t getting the full, deep breaths that bring energy, focus and peace. It’s pretty common to forget to breathe deeply when we are anxious, upset or tired.

Did you know that same thing can happen to our soul and spirit?

The Bible says in Job 33:4 that God is life-giving “BREATH.” So forgetting to spend time with God is like forgetting to breathe! We will find ourselves exhausted, confused and stressed in no time. Definitely not the happy place God has for you. Thankfully, you have Superkid Academy…

Join SKA this year at SWBC 2022 where you’ll let to “push pause” on life and breathe in God for an entire amazing week! 

SKA Dance Team Tryouts

The SKA Dance Team is having tryouts on Sunday, 8/14! If your child is interested in being on the dance team, they can sign up in person at SKA!