Guest Speaker: Sid Roth

Sunday Outline – October 29, 2023

This past Sunday, special guest Sid Roth spoke.

He began by saying, “I know two things about this service. I have great expectation for what's going to happen. And I know it has something to do with God’s glory.”

Glory is the manifest presence of the living God.

Most people will really find out who they are if they find themselves in the desert (spiritually speaking). You get rid of the pride that life has left you with. For some, the desert is probably one of the best places they can be, because they are getting prepared for the glory of the Lord.

I believe the Lord is speaking to people today and saying it is time to rise in His glory, arise from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you. It’s time to come out of the desert. Shine, be radiant with the glory of the Lord.

Romans 9:4; (Amp)

“Who are Israelites, to whom belongs the adoption as sons, the glory (Shekinah), the [special] covenants [with Abraham, Moses, and David], the giving of the Law, the [system of temple] worship, and the [original] promises.”

  • This glory caused Israel to be the light when Egypt was in the plague of deep darkness.
  • This was the glory that was on Moses when he was in the presence of God.  He covered his face when he came down from the mountain (2 Corinthians 3:13).
  • King David would go into the presence of God, and bathe in that glory.
  • Joshua would just bathe in that glory as the cloud that led the Jewish people for 40 years in the desert.
  • The glory – the wonderful presence of God that accompanied the Jewish people, God’s chosen people, our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Have you ever seen the land maps of what God promised to Israel? Israel has way too little land! It's not the Arabs. It's not even the Jews. It's God's land. And God leased it to a people group. It's leased to the Jewish people, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their seed. But the terms of the lease, if I was an attorney fighting on behalf of this lease in court, are very important. God has given the land of Israel for a thousand generations to the physical seed of the land, the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for a thousand generations. 

Just in case you don't know what He means by a thousand generations, He says, I've given that land to the Jewish people forever

Brother Sid felt he had a change in direction for this message and told of his personal experience with the glory of God.   Please refer to the video for the full testimony.

And this is my story. And it's a true story. My marriage to Joy was restored. This March is our 60th wedding anniversary. My parents had to say, I hate the fact you believe in Jesus, but I have never seen such a transformation – this is my parents. They know me. Trust me, I have never seen such a transformation as what happened to my Sidney. I was as radically changed to godly as I was radically ungodly. Instantly.

That was my first major encounter with the glory of God. You see why I so appreciate the glory of God. I believe there is not a messiah for the Jews, a Messiah for the Gentiles, and a Messiah for the Muslims. I believe there's one God for all people. I believe there's one Messiah for all people.

And I believe that it's the glory of God that is going to be the difference maker for all people. Yes, America. There is hope. Yes world. There is hope because the Bible says the glory of the Lord will cover this earth. 

When this glory of God hits full length, like right now, I know where it is on me. I can't tell you where it is. But you remember Ezekiel, where it’s the ankles (Ezekiel 3:23) and then the knees and then the waist, and then it's so high you can only swim.

The water level is rising! When the glory water level gets to a certain point, every promise of God that you speak with your mouth, it's a cooperative effort. Even with the glory, you'll still need to speak God's Word, but the glory is the difference. Instant answers, not having to confess and confess and confess till it happens.

The glory in the millennial kingdom will be our atmosphere. It'll be another way of saying that it'll be heaven, heaven on earth.

To watch the full service, please click here.

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