The Fall of Judah

When King Josiah died, his son Jehoahaz became King of Judah. After 3 months, Neco, the King of Egypt, deposed Jehoahaz to a prison in Egypt and placed his brother Eliakim as King. He changed Eliakim’s name to Jehoakim, set him up as his puppet King in Judah, and demanded tribute or he would invade Judah. During Jehoakim’s reign, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylonia, came in and took Judah from Egypt. There were two other Kings of Judah during that time. Each of these Kings were disobedient and rebellious toward the Lord. 2 Chronicles 36:15-16 states that the Lord finally gave up on Judah and sent them into captivity


Lessons from the Fall of Judah 

God’s plan comes from His character of love and compassion for His people- 2 Chronicles 36:15. The Kings were stubborn men who refused to turn to the Lord. Even the priests and other religious leaders turned away from God. The text says that God warned them repeatedly because He had compassion for them. God is our perfect Father, and everything He does is out of love and compassion for us. This is an important truth to remember when we are walking through adversity. When problems arise, Satan is quick to whisper that God doesn’t love us. The key to successful spiritual warfare is to rely on truths of scripture when our circumstances and emotions seem to indicate otherwise. Think about the times when the enemy has lied to you, and how you have successfully defeated Him and moved forward – each time it is as you speak the Word of God in faith. 


God’s judgment is His last option for his people- 2 Chronicles 36:15-16. The people of Judah mocked the prophets of God who brought them the warnings from God. They despised the truth of God and scoffed at his messengers until the only option left was judgment. God’s anger could no longer be restrained. There was no remedy left other than His judgment. God’s judgment is always His last resort. Even His anger comes out of His love for His people. Think about how God’s anger can be an extension of His love. 


Remember, many things people think of as God’s judgment are actually the enemy’s works.  When God judges, He totally removes all traces.  Example, 2 Chronicles 34:14-33; Before God purged Judah and Jerusalem from idolatry, God instructed the prophetess Huldah to thoroughly clear the land of all traces of idol worship.


Just as He has removed all of your transgressions as far as the east is from the west, He also completes what He starts (Philippians 1:6).


God’s plan is about His name being honored, not the protection of the institution- 2 Chronicles 36:17-20. It is shocking to read these verses. God proactively brought in the King of Babylon and allowed him to kill many Jewish people, completely destroy the temple, and ransack the city of Jerusalem. God is much more interested in His plan being accomplished than in an earthly city or temple being protected. If that is what it took to get Judah’s attention, then God was willing to do it. His plan was to prepare His people to receive His son, and He did what it took to get them ready. Remember Babylon gave birth to Daniel, Nehemiah, and other great men of faith. God used the tragedy which the enemy brought due to their disobedience, to strengthen His people for His purposes. 

God’s Word is always fulfilled- 2 Chronicles 36:21-23. Jeremiah was the primary prophet God used during this dark time in Judah’s history. God prophesied several things regarding Judah’s fall, and they all came true. One of those prophecies was that the land would finally receive its Sabbath rest which was required by law (Leviticus 25). The land was never given its Sabbath by Judah, so it would now receive its rest for 70 years. God’s promises always come to pass in His perfect will and timing, and we cannot stop or oppose God and thwart His will. We are commanded to submit to His plan, not fight it. 


God uses a variety of people and events to accomplish His plan- 2 Chronicles 36:22-23. One of God’s promises was that He would use Cyrus, the King of Persia, to bring Judah back to her homeland. Cyrus knew God (even though he was not a Jew), and God spoke to him and laid on his heart the desire to send the Jews back to Judah and rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. Once again, we see God using a foreign King to do his bidding on behalf of His people and to fulfill His own plan. God uses who He wants to accomplish His will. Many times, He uses people whom we would not expect, and they often lack the pedigree that would satisfy the religious establishment. Does this surprise you? Take a moment and think about people you have seen God use to fulfill His purposes in your life.


God’s plan is perfect- 1&2 Chronicles. The books of the Chronicles were written to explain why Judah went into exile. The first 8 chapters give genealogies from Adam all the way up to the exile. I Chronicles 9:1 says that “the people of Judah were exiled to Babylon because they were unfaithful to the Lord.” The rest of chapter 9 records the first Jews who were allowed to return from Babylon and resettle in the land. Chapter 10 begins telling the story of the Jews unfaithfulness starting with Saul, and he gives the entire history up to the exile in 2 Chronicles 36. The entire story of unfaithfulness ends with hope in 2 Chronicles 36:23. In spite of their history, the Jewish people got to come home, and the Lord was with them! It is one long story of redemption and restoration. Remember that God’s plan is always perfect in your life.




Heavenly Father, I recognize the voice of Holy Spirit leading and directing my life.  In areas where my flesh tries to rise, I choose to continue to walk in the Spirit and to mortify those deeds! I don’t want the flesh to have the superior role in my life that it has had in the past. I know that if Your Spirit empowers me, I can say ‘no’ to the flesh and to its demands to control my life. I thank you for causing me to see the truth about the changes you desire in my life. Father, I believe you also provide me with the courage and strength for me to look at my flesh and tell it, ‘You won’t rule me in this area anymore.’ Holy Spirit, thank you for helping me to fully embrace the new life You are wanting to release inside me!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Pastor Peter Henneberry

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