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Radiant Happenings! June 22nd

On Monday, during my discipleship group, the ladies and I were reading a portion of Brother Hagin's book, How to be Led by the Spirit of God, and he referenced a scripture. As is our custom, we turned to our Bibles to read the scripture in a few different translations. However, I had turned to… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! June 15th

During Summer on the Mountain, we are discussing our identification with Christ. You may be wondering, "What does identification really mean?" The Websters 1828 Dictionary gives this definition: "The act of making or proving to be the same." For further clarification, lets look at it through this scripture:  "My old identity has been co-crucified with… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! June 8th

I was watching the Believer's Voice of Victory this week and caught again Brother Copeland speaking about how the Holy Spirit spoke to him about watching his words. Especially idle or cliché words, because they do create!  I myself have received this same caution from the Holy Spirit over the course of the past few… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! June 1st

Recently, I have heard from several women about how they are being attacked by the enemy with tormenting thoughts and feelings. Tormented about everything from not being good enough, to bringing up things from their past that they went through or did. These are mighty women of faith, yet the enemy has been able to… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! May 25th

Have you ever stopped – I mean really STOPPED – and taken time to focus on how much you mean to God? We all know that we mean enough to Him that He sent Jesus, His one and only son, to die on the cross in our place. AND THAT IS HUGE! BUT… do you… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! May 18th

We just celebrated Mother's Day this past Sunday, and towards the end of service, Pastor Terri began mentioning people groups who may not be experiencing a happy Mother's Day due to various reasons. One of the reasons she mentioned was in light of Pastor George's teaching on the legacy of faith that Timothy had received… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! May 11th

I remember when I was a KCBC student and Dr. Charles Green came to speak with us. He brought up what can sometimes be an uncomfortable topic… death. But, in true Charles Green style, he joked about how we tell people about the wonderfulness of Heaven, but then when they die and go there, we… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! May 4th

Recently my husband and I went away for a week of vacation. We didn't go anywhere special, but to a humble location, where we could be alone with God. It was GOOD! In that tiny farmhouse, God took us back to Genesis and reminded us that of all the words He could have used to… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! April 20th

Often we hear about all the great things that Jesus said and did. And that is wonderful, but lately, I've had to face some of the corrective things He said, like this scripture: "Jesus said, “Forsake the habit of criticizing and judging others, and you will not be criticized and judged in return. Don’t condemn… Read more »

Radiant Happenings! April 13th

Have you heard (or perhaps even given) this familiar response when someone asks how you are doing? "I'm BLESSED and highly favored." It sounds like a great faith response, but is it? Scripture says it this way: "But he who looks carefully into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and faithfully abides by it,… Read more »