Radiant Happenings! March 29th

This coming Sunday, March 31st, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus! With hearts filled with joy, we will offer up songs of praise and thankfulness to God for making a way for us to once again be reunited with Him forever! Considering the great price God paid, please do everything within your power to be at church this Sunday! Don't give excuses, ask the Holy Spirit to help you get there!

Now for this week's verse in Proverbs 2:

"Then you will understand the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of [our omniscient] God." Proverbs 2:5 (AMPC)

Suppose you seek after the knowledge and wisdom of God in a particular situation you're facing. You give God your time in prayer, and you find out what His Word has to say about it. I'll tell you what happens when you make that kind of diligent effort – you find the knowledge of God! When you obey what you find, you will begin to experience God's power working in that situation to bring you to victory.

Listen to what the Kesuvim / The Writings (Mishlei/Proverbs) on pg. 16 & 17 say about verse five:

Vs. 5 "Then you will understand the fear of HASHEM, and discover the knowledge of God. This verse continues the theme of verse 3: If one prays for understanding, one will understand the fear of Hashem (Rashi). Verse 1:7 states that fear of God is the beginning of knowledge, but this does not contradict our verse. Only fear of God will drive a person to seek and accept true wisdom. Concurrently, however, chochmah is the prerequisite for acquiring fear of Hashem, as indicated by our verse. The only way to understand the majesty and infinite power of Hashem and thereby learn to fear Him is through studying the Torah. This pursuit leads a person to understand the fear of Hashem; and fear of Hashem, in turn, will lead him to greater levels of chochmah (Malbim)."

Now, here’s a look at what is happening this week into next with our Radiant groups!

  • Thursday, March 28th is our monthly Abiding Wives group. This is a group for married women to fellowship and connect with each other as we gather to pray for our husbands. We meet every 4th Thursday of the month at a private home, beginning at 7 pm. You will need to email women@emic.org to get the address.

  • Monday, April 1st is our weekly Radiant Discipleship group led by Pastor Cathy Grigg. Join us as we study Dr. Bill Winston's teachings, Living In The Fourth Dimension! We meet at 12:15 pm in the Hospitality Room. This group is also available via Zoom! Click here to register!

  • Wednesday, April 3rd is our Radiant Bible Study. Enjoy the Word of God and good teaching with other women of EMIC. We meet every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Hospitality Room at 10:30 am.
  • Thursday, April 4th is our monthly Radiant Book Club meeting. We meet every 1st Thursday at 12:15 pm in the WordWorks Bookstore. The book selected for our April discussion is The Wake-Up Call by Brother Kenneth Copeland, Oral Roberts & Richard Roberts. Register today and discover hidden written treasures you may have never chosen on your own, as well as special perks for being a member – did I mention it’s free to register! Registration has its perks! You must be registered in the Radiant Book Club to get the discounted price of 15% off the books we will be reading! We have other surprises that come with membership! YOU DO NEED TO ATTEND to get the most out of your membership!

    You can register here: Radiant Book Club

For information on any of our groups, email women@emic.org. Also, if you are ever in need of prayer, please call our prayer line at 877-281-6297. Or, if you need pastoral counseling, call the church office at 817-252-2900 to schedule a time to meet with me.

You are LOVED!

Pastor Cathy