Radiant Happenings!

Connecting with our sisters-in-Christ is an important part of church life. If you have not been making those connections, plan to attend our Radiant Summer Social coming on June 9th!! More details to come, but you can be sure it is a night you do NOT want to miss!!

Are you wanting to be involved in a group? Are you looking for a new group based on changes in your life season? Make sure you check here each week to see what is happening this week into next with other Radiant groups!

  • Thursday, May 26th is our monthly Abiding Wives group. This is a group for married women to fellowship and connect with each other as we gather to pray for our husbands. We meet every 4th Thursday of the month at a private home, beginning at 7pm. You will need to email women@emic.org to get the address.

  • Saturday, May 28th is our Advancing in Faith group. Using the wealth of scripture on faith, as well as teachings from our generals of the faith, this group dives in-depth into learning all the aspects of faith. Join us as we discuss what we learn and how to utilize it in our lives, and for the advancement of God’s kingdom! We meet every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month in the Living Room modular at 9am.

  • Wednesday, June 1st is our Radiant Bible Study. Enjoy the Word of God, and good teaching with other women of EMIC. We meet every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Living Room modular at 10:30am.

To learn more about any of the groups mentioned or to find other ways to connect, email women@emic.org

Pastor Cathy