Help In Time of Need

We are coming into the peak of hurricane season in the gulf coast area. September through November is usually a busy time for our Relief Team as they prepare to be of help if our partners are ever in need after a storm.


Recently, we sent a 5-man team to an area near Pikeville, KY where they had experienced devastating flood waters. Many homes were either destroyed or washed away completely and several people lost their lives. Our team was on the way to minister and help however we could.


Out of 22 KCM partners and 2 partner ministries that were in the area, not a single one of them sustained any damage – Glory to God! What an awesome example of Psalm 91 protection at work! This opened the door for the Relief Team to partner up with Operation Blessing, who was already on site helping those that were in the direct line of the flooding.

If you’re not aware of what has to happen after a house is flooded, it takes a lot of hard work to salvage anything. Everything the water touches needs to be pulled out and discarded quickly so the house does not become contaminated with mold. This includes all of the owner’s furniture or belongings that may not be salvageable along with tearing out all of the wall paneling, insulation, and flooring. This allows everything to dry out and keeps mold from growing inside the walls or under the flooring.

Our team members have regular training on how to use the tools needed for this type of work and also how to stay safe in this type of environment. We are blessed to have such great volunteers that are willing to go the extra mile – not only giving their time for training sessions but also leaving their families when it’s time to serve out of state. None of this would be possible without our faithful EMIC volunteers and KCM partners.


If you would like to learn more about joining Relief Team, please contact us at or 817-252-2970.