What About 2011?

A Word From the Lord Through Kenneth Copeland

Now, what about 2011? What is in store? What is God saying about it? It will be a time of changes. It’ll be the best of times and it’ll be the worst of times. The biggest amount of change will come in the harvest…what is harvest to one man is judgment to another one ’cause both of them are the manifestations of seed. Seed grows up and becomes. And when the wages of sin, or the harvest of sin, is death—you just stay with it and it’ll kill you. Amen. The sower sows The WORD. Well the harvest of that is abundance and plenty—hundredfold return. And here’s what I heard The LORD say:

“For those who insist on compromising The WORD—insist on it…. (I’m not talking about the world, I mean that’s what they do all the time.) Sinners sin, you understand? That’s what they do best. But I’m talking about people who have an allegiance to The LORD Jesus Christ, born-again children of God who continue and insist on compromising The WORD: ‘Ah, yes, Brother Copeland, I know the Bible says that but you just don’t understand my situation,’ ‘Ah, yes, Brother Copeland…yes, I know the Bible says that but you know, I believe it’ll be all right with The LORD.’ Those who insist and persist in disobedience and the compromising of The WORD…whatever you compromise to keep, you will lose it. And the difference is, in 2011, in many cases, it’ll be taken from you right before your eyes. And of course it’s not God who takes it from you, it’s the devil. He’s the thief. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. God’s not taking things away from you. The devil takes them and blames it on God. He’ll get preachers to preach that to you, but it isn’t true. Now for those who insist on keeping the love commandment at any price, and those who insist on living by faith and giving God praise and glory, everything is going to be ALL-Right. That’s what I heard The LORD say. Everything is going to be ALL-Right. Every Thing…ALL-Right. It’s going to right-en up, straighten up. Don’t look to other things. Don’t look to the government for your supply. Don’t look to other people for your supply. No, no…pastors, don’t look to your congregations for your supply. Jesus is our source, hallelujah. THE BLESSING of Abraham is our supply, praise God. The WORD is our supply. Amen.

“Now, to walk in that, whoa my goodness…. You’re going to have to pay attention. You’re going to have to listen on purpose. Take time to pray and listen to God. Jesus said, ‘I only say those things I hear My Father say, and I only do those things I see My Father do.’ Now that should be all of us the same way. Not what we see someone else do or hear someone else say. We take a message someone preaches, we take the written WORD of God as the very words of Jesus, the very WORD of the living God, Amen. It is God speaking to me, but there are moments and times when you need to just hush and quit trying to make up and do all your praying on your own, and be quiet and say, ‘Sir, what should I say at this moment? What should I do? My ears are open and my eyes are open. I’m listening.'”

A Word From the Lord Through Kenneth Copeland 11.11.10