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No Fear Here!

As I begin this letter today, I want to remind you of 1 John 5:4: “For whatsoever is born ofGod overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.”You are walking in great victory today over everything that is trying to shake you. Take your standand say, “I am… Read more »

I Just Celebrated My 70th Birthday!

I am so excited! Someone might be wondering if I am thinking correctly. “After all,” they might say, “70 is OLD.” “Well,” I would answer, “it is not nearly as old as you think!” Allow me to explain. But first, let me thank you for your commitment to EMIC and the supply of the Spirit… Read more »


The 2023 Southwest Believers’ ConventionJuly 31-Aug. 5 It’s that time again! In just a few weeks, we will be gathering together for the 2023 Southwest Believers’Convention here in Fort Worth, Texas. We will begin Sunday evening with the FlashPoint® LIVE event. Then, beginning first thingMonday morning, we will hear from Kenneth Copeland. Speakers throughout the… Read more »


From: Believer’s Voice of Victory TV broadcast with Pastors George and Terri Copeland PearsonsAiring: July 3-14 “Bulldog Faith” is a most important subject to teach. That is why The LORD led Pastor Terri and me to share this subject on upcoming Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcasts. We will also be joined each day by graduates… Read more »


I am so excited about what is happening at EMIC right now, and also what is taking placearound the world! We are riding a huge wave of the outpouring of the Spirit of God. Words from The LORD that have been given over the years, are now coming to pass. Truly, the glory is here,… Read more »

Teach Them an Uncommon Faith

I declare The WORD of God over you, according to Psalm 115:14: “The LORD shall increase youmore and more, you and your children.” The spirit of increase is upon you. Everything you set yourhands to do is prospering beyond measure this year! Thank you for your faithfulness to EMIC and for bringing your supply of… Read more »

Walking in Love—Our Greatest Quest

Last November, Pastor Terri taught an amazing Sunday message on our Core Values. Thecore is the central, most important part. Value is what we believe that doesn’t change and is forever settled. These essentials are at the very heart of what we believe as a church. They are: (1) We put The WORD of God… Read more »

EMIC Core Values

Core Values Messages by Pastor Terri Our Place in the End Times Part 1Our Place in the End Times Part 2 Our Mission & Values

Hearts Wide Open

Welcome to 2023! I am so excited about what The LORD is going to do for, and in, usthroughout this year. As I was praying over this letter, The LORD led me to share a message I taught in churchmany years ago. It had to do with what we consider priority in our lives. To… Read more »

2023: Make God’s Word Final Authority

Download the 2023 Word of the Lord Prophecy Card Download the 2023 Bible Reading Schedule Download the 2023 Bible Reading Schedule (2-Year Version) Download the 2023 EMIC Superkid Academy Bible Reading Plan 2023 Words From the Lord Through Kenneth Copeland This Is 2023 “2023 will be as exciting as it can be.It will be the… Read more »