Jaime Hernandez

About Jaime Hernandez

¡Saludos! I am Jaime Ricardo Hernandez and I am privileged to serve as the Latino Ministries Pastor at Eagle Mountain International Church. My wife of over 35 years, Bildad, and I are originally from Puerto Rico and we came to Texas more than 25 years ago as part of my military service with the United States AirForce.  While serving in the U.S. Air Force we traveled to numerous countries and took the message of faith to them. We served in missions in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and in the U.S. We have two grown children, Johnathan and Candy Aileen, who also serve the Lord passionately.

At 11 years old my mother took me to a Nicky Cruz evangelistic crusade in the city of Bayamon where I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and my life was changed for eternity. I have known about KCM since 1985.  I was introduced to Kenneth's teachings in Puerto Rico before I joined the US Air Force. Kenneth's teachings have been a vital part of my spiritual growth since then, and God even helped me learn English language skills while listening to the teachings of Kenneth back in those days. I became a partner with KCM in April of 1989.

I believe I am called of the Lord to help equip, develop, and disciple people whether locally or in the mission field, and impart the Word “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” In my travels with the Air Force, God opened doors for my wife and I precisely in those areas. While we were stationed in Japan for several years, we had the opportunity to help American missionaries reach the Japanese with the gospel, as well as help pastor and train new believers. While stationed in Italy the Lord opened doors for us to help train leaders and edify the saints not only there but also in Portugal, Spain, and even Paris, France. We recognize that this was the Lord’s doing because my job in the Air Force did not allow us to specifically look for ways to do that. We believe that God’s gifting in our lives made a way for that to happen.

EMIC has been my home church since 2012. As part of EMIC I have also had the privilege of providing Spanish interpretation to many messages by Pastors George and Terri as well as other Word of Faith ministers such as Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Bill Winston, and many others. This message of faith is intended to impact every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and I feel honored to be part of the work that goes on at my church which reaches Spanish speaking people.