Iva Bennett

About Iva Bennett

I’m Iva Bennett. Originally I am from Alabama, the Beautiful, but have been living in Texas for many years now..

I accepted Jesus and was baptized with the Holy Spirit in 1988 in Ozark, Alabama. I was profoundly transformed one day while I was praying. The Holy Spirit infused my prayer time, and I noticed that I began to change- not outwardly but inwardly. The extreme circumstances I was in began to change for the better. You see, at that time, my life was at a place where I had to pray to live. The Lord was aware of that and told me, “You have had to pray just to live, but now you are going to live to pray.” He gloriously transformed my life and situation and gave me great victory. As a result, I am doing just that- living to pray. I began to join in corporate prayer at the church I was attending in Alabama. Just after two weeks of attending, I was asked to be a prayer leader. Not long after that, the Lord asked me to move to Texas to attend Eagle Mountain International Church, where I served voluntarily as a prayer leader for ten years.

I interact with other prayer leaders and mentor and encourage them to grow in their walk with the Lord by having a living and vibrant prayer life. I also coordinate all prayer groups and organize all corporate prayer under the leadership of Senior Pastor Terri Pearsons.