Bobby Armstrong

About Bobby Armstrong

My name is Bobby Armstrong. By the time I was 11 years old, I had been diagnosed with enough disabilities to prevent me from having a successful future. However, God entered my life; and because of His divine intervention, I have had a successful career in martial arts as well as in law enforcement. I graduated high school at 20, entered Bible college at 22, and graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in rehabilitation science at 36. I have worked with people with disabilities and crises for 15 years and know that these achievements prove that God is faithful and that He will use anyone who is willing.

In 1988, I married my ministry partner, Cheryl. My wife and I are native Texans; we met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while attending RHEMA Bible Training Center and Oral Roberts University. The Lord enhanced our lives with two wonderful children. As a family, we love to build strong relationships with others, and we love adventures-be it cultural, culinary, outdoors, motor sports, or anything that just brings folks together for a wholesome, good time.

At the direction of the Lord, my wife and I left east Texas to come to Eagle Mountain International Church. We became involved with various areas of the church and served for 7 years. Over the past 15 years, we have established relationships within the church family that are still vibrant today. We are partners with this ministry and this message.

I have a heart to teach/minister to the brokenhearted and to the oppressed. I have had various jobs within the community that have prepared me to do the work here at my church. As a pastoral care minister, I help our congregation work out their situations through the wisdom of the Lord. I also assist individuals in finding social services within the area. When called upon, I teach sessions at the Believers’ Institute. Five years ago during the Southwest Believer’s Convention the Lord spoke to me in section 318 and said “Are you willing to receive a men's ministry?” I said yes. I received it, and I have it according to Mark 11:23-24. This last year I was appointed as the men's pastor here at Eagle Mountain International Church. It is a pleasure to see what the Lord is going to do next in this faith-filled pilgrim.

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