The purpose of Education at EMIC is to enable believers to become rooted and grounded in God’s Word, for nonbelievers to receive the Word, and for relationships to be developed and strengthened – in a setting designed to make a large church small.  We not only offer Bible courses but also a variety of special interest and practical courses to enrich your spirit, soul and body. 

Education is for everyone – regardless of gender, ethnicity, vocation, educational background or level of spiritual maturity.  You will discover many ways to experience intense discipleship, be taught the Word of God, to learn an uncommon faith so you WILL be able to stand victoriously in life. Throughout the year, we offer a combination of large and small-format courses designed to equip you with biblical knowledge and build your faith to overcome any challenge in life. To find out what Believers’ Institute course is currently in session, click here for more information.

Español: Para obtener información sobre estas clases en Español, o si usted necesita ayuda con la traducción de Inglés a Español, envíe un correo electrónico a Ann Vassell a la siguiente dirección,



Healing School:  Seven days a week. Download the Calendar | Learn More

Childcare:  During regular Sunday and Wednesday service times, children are checked-in to age-appropriate services from Birth to 5th Grade. Sunday children’s classrooms open at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday service classrooms open at 6:45pm.

The Passage Coffee Shop: 
For your convenience, light refreshments and specialty drinks will be available for purchase before service.

Schedule:  Class schedules, dates and meeting locations are all subject to change.

Online Availability:  At this time, only the Believers’ Institute courses taking place in EMIC’s main sanctuary can be viewed online. 

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