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The Blind Man

In John 8, Jesus announces that He is the light of the world and the answer to spiritual darkness. His declaration sparks a confrontation with the religious leaders that ends with Jesus calling the Pharisees children of Satan. John 9 is a physical encounter that illustrates the spiritual principles from John 8.       … Read more »

Tale of Two Lives

Matthew 7:13-23 is Jesus’ altar call. Jesus comes to the end of His sermon not wanting applause or an award for an amazing speech. He wants us on our knees deciding what kind of disciples we will be. It’s decision time! The famous preacher Soren Kierkegaard told a parable about ducks gathering for duck church…. Read more »

Let Not Your Heart be Troubled

The Cure for a Troubled Heart  Introduction. All of us go through times in life where our hearts, the core of who we are, along with what we believe have the opportunity to be troubled. Part of living in a fallen world is walking through the pain of living this side of heaven. Each one of… Read more »

Submission to Authority

  Submission to Authority  Nero was the Roman Emperor from AD 54-68. Nero came into power when his mom murdered his adopted dad Claudius. Five years into his reign, Nero murdered his mother for having too much say in his affairs as Emperor. Nero’s reign was known for tyranny and excess. He was in power… Read more »

Strategy for Overcoming Satan’s Attacks

Strategy for Overcoming Satan’s Attacks  1 John 4:4 states that we can overcome temptation because “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” Satan is the master deceiver, but God tells us in His word that we can win the victory over temptation. The Bible lays out… Read more »

The Benefits of Obedience

    The Benefits of Obedience  A relationship is built on two pillars. Love and trust. You cannot love someone deeper than you can trust them. Trust is built on truth. Paul states in 2 Timothy 3:7 that in the last days people “are always learning but never come to the knowledge of the truth.” This describes… Read more »

Divine Destiny

One of my favorite movie series is the Indiana Jones Movies.  Dr. Jones would go on a quest for weeks, months, even years, searching for a valuable artifact or treasure.  His quest for this mysterious treasure would take him to perilous places, (Dangerous jungles, Creepy crypts) but it was worth it to Dr. Jones in order to find… Read more »

Paul’s Ministry in Philippi

    Paul’s Ministry in Philippi Paul took three missionary journeys during his ministry career. On his second missionary journey, Paul planted a church in Philippi. Philippi was a wealthy Roman colony that was inhabited primarily by retired military and political figures that were given land by the Roman government. It was a mid-sized city… Read more »

Make My Joy Complete

Many scholars treat Philippians 1 as the introduction and chapter 2 as the beginning of the body of Paul’s letter. It is certainly true that Paul shows pastoral care and concern in chapter 1, but his tone changes dramatically in chapter 2 when he reveals his primary reason for writing the letter. In Philippians 2:1-11,… Read more »