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The Gift

The book of John has 21 chapters, and 9 of them cover the last week of Jesus’ life. John gives us more insight into the last week of Jesus’ life than any other writer. One of Jesus’ priorities in the last week of His life was spending time with friends. The story in John 12… Read more »

The Fall of Judah

When King Josiah died, his son Jehoahaz became King of Judah. After 3 months, Neco, the King of Egypt, deposed Jehoahaz to a prison in Egypt and placed his brother Eliakim as King. He changed Eliakim’s name to Jehoakim, set him up as his puppet King in Judah, and demanded tribute or he would invade… Read more »

The Disciple’s Character – Meek

A follower of The King begins his walk by acknowledging he is spiritually bankrupt and is powerless to address his spiritual condition. He repents from his sinful nature, and he leans on God for hope and direction. When someone empties himself before God, Holy Spirit fill him with character traits of Kingdom people. One of… Read more »

The Disciple’s Anger

There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.   Sometimes we call it “fruits” and “roots.” The action itself is a fruit, but underneath the action is a heart issue which is the root of the sin. In Matthew 5, Jesus contrasts the letter of the law (fruit) with the… Read more »

The Crucifixion 

Pastor George has taken the past three weeks and taught us God’s Word in the area of families, abortion, and children.   Making godly decisions in the face of political choice.  Today, I want to take a few minutes and look at what John records about the crucifixion of Jesus. John’s perspective varies significantly from… Read more »

Submission to Authority 

Introduction- The Cultural Context for Authority and Submission. Nero was the Roman Emperor from AD 54-68. Nero came into power when his mom murdered his adopted dad Claudius. Five years into his reign, Nero murdered his mother for having too much say in his affairs as Emperor. Nero’s reign was known for tyranny and excess…. Read more »

Strategy for Overcoming Satan’s Attacks  

“Little children (believers, dear ones), you are of God and you belong to Him and have [already] overcome them [the agents of the antichrist]; because He who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world [of sinful mankind].” 1 John 4:4 (AMP) states that we can overcome temptation because “the one who… Read more »

Speak Truth  

Daniel Webster said, “There is nothing as powerful as truth and often nothing as strange.” Truth telling is one of the marks of a follower of Jesus. Jesus is truth; Satan is a liar. Lying most represents the essence of sin and Satan, and truth most represents the character of God. Lying is a core… Read more »

Solomon – Ultimately a Wise Fool  

There has never been a King better set up for success than Solomon. David left Solomon with the nation at peace in the world, one of the most powerful nations in the world, great wealth, all the building supplies and money to build the temple, and an incredible reputation among world leaders. All Solomon had… Read more »