Join us on Wednesday nights for realLIFE Workshops at 7 p.m. Find a list of workshops below and come ready to learn how to live life victoriously with fellow believers. We’ll see you there!

Financially Free – Living Room (Modular Building)

Instructors: Lora Wooten; Michelle Stephens

Description: This is a spiritually focused, practically-applied workshop that will result in leading people out of the grip of debt.  It is inspirational, yet practical in its approach to developing a simple method to eliminate debt.

I Still Do – SLC Room 202

Instructors: Zach and Brittany Barnes; Caleb and Rachel Mayer; Pastor Kent and Jennifer Satterfield, Pastor Brenda Ballinger

Description: This course opens with a survey detailing the 10 most important qualities men and women desire in their spouses, then it instructs on how people can develop those qualities.  This is a biblically based course designed to empower both young and seasoned couples to achieve new heights in their marriage. 

The Blessing, Part 2 – SLC Room 204

Instructors: Pastor Kent Satterfield; Jaime Hernandez; Cindy Neathery

Description: If you are living “less than blessed,” you can turn your life around right now!  Living in THE BLESSING is God’s will for you. Gain a clear understanding of this revelation and experience everything God has for you today.

Be Free – Music Room 2 (Modular Building)

Instructors: Pastor Bobby Armstrong

Description: Celebrate recovery is a recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind.  It’s a safe place to find freedom from the issues that are controlling your life.

Jesus: Genesis to Revelation – Music Suite (Modular Building)

Instructors: Kurt Brunner; Michele Cambrick; Sue Ingebretson; Amy Ware; LaDonna Moon

Description: This course is a faith-building study beginning in Genesis and revealing Jesus in every book of the bible.  The course will punctuate the critical benefit of putting the Word of God first place in our lives.  This is a tremendous faith-building exercise.

Faith-Based Parenting – SLC Room 219

Instructors: Pastor John Jester

Description: Raising children godly children who understand why they exist and live God-honoring lives requires a faith mindset. The Faith-Based Parenting Class is all about helping moms and dads parent God’s way––by faith in His word. Join us as we cover topics like discipleship, discipline, helping our children uncover their purpose, single parenting, blended family parenting and the role of the Holy Spirit in the family unit.  

LiveStrong Wellness – Sanctuary

Instructors: Mario Banda and Abi Olivas

It’s God’s will for you to walk in divine health, and this class will equip you with information and practical steps toward that goal.


  • Great attitude and willingness to learn 
  • Comfortable, modest clothes and shoes suitable for exercise
  • Pen / Pencil 
  • Water bottle 


Each session we will consist of: 

  • A brief teaching from God’s Word
  • Nutrition and Wellness Instruction
  • Fitness Session 
  • Cooking Demo