EMIC Groups

An essential piece of our vision is EMIC Groups. We follow the Word, works, and ways of Jesus.

We believe at EMIC, whether you participate in an EMIC Prayer, Disciple, Fellowship, Ministry Group, or a combination; you will have the opportunity to become spiritually stronger as you connect in genuine fellowship, both with God and with people of like faith (Hebrews 12:1).

EMIC Groups – Five Focus Areas

EMIC Prayer Groups
  • Focusing primarily with Holy Spirit led prayers
  • Ongoing, ranges in size
EMIC Disciple Groups
  • Focusing on discipleship around a specific topic
  • Usually meets for 10 weeks, with a suggested maximum size of 18 people; allowing better connection, and “to do life” with others for a season
EMIC Ministry Groups
  • Focusing on a certain ministry, i.e. Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Youth Adults
  • Ongoing, ranges in size
EMIC Fellowship Groups
  • Focusing on off-campus with fun activities and recreation coupled with Christ-centered fellowship and short devotionals
  • Ongoing, typically 5-25 people
EMIC eGroups
  • Designed for individuals to join online for community and support
  • Ongoing, ranges in size

Not sure where to start? groups@emic.org