Senior Executive Assistant


Under minimal supervision, assists the Executive office, providing administrative support. These responsibilities include direct mail, communication liaison on behalf of the Executive office to other KCM/KCBC/EMIC staff, members of the church, ministry partners and friends. Conducts research and handles confidential information, exercising considerable judgment and discretion in completing special assignments.



  • Provides administrative support and helps coordinate information supporting  the Executive office.
  • Maintains a strong prayer life, praying much in the Spirit, operating by faith, keeping in step with the Executive Leadership Team and the vision of the ministry.
  • Continually reviews responsibilities, processes and procedures for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Handles incoming correspondence (email, US mail, etc.) and directs it to the proper area for response. Discerns and responds to all correspondence, phone calls, etc. with minimal input or supervision.
  • Assists as needed in preparing, editing and coordinating television broadcast materials for distribution to various departments, including Publications and Television. Obtains third party copyright permissions as needed.
  • Assists in formatting sermon notes and other documents as needed. Provides notes to Publishing for editing and to EMIC/KCM/KCBC for public distribution.
  • Communicates consistently with and provides information to Senior Executive Assistant regarding ministry initiatives and assists in the coordination of travel arrangements and schedules for the Senior Pastors.
  • Reconciles credit card reports, compiles budget information when needed, and maintains office files.
  • Gathers all needed reports and assigns recommendations by due dates, assembles them into organized format, and prepares an executive summary as directed.
  • Orders, organizes and maintains Executive office supplies.
  • Transcribes messages or prophecies as needed.
  • Attends meetings as directed, compiles minutes and follow up emails confirming decisions/tasks assigned to appropriate individuals. Conducts follow through on action items and provides status updates.
  • Coordinates, prepares and disseminates meeting agendas to other staff members as requested. Preemptively has prepared any information needed for meetings.
  • Provides support as requested in the Executive Office and helps coordinate related tasks as assigned.
  • Fully utilizes ACS, Smartsheet, Planning Center, Nav and other ministry software implemented as a staff resource.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.




High School Graduate; extra training in Microsoft Office Suite


  • Minimum 3 to 5 years project and administrative office experience.
  • International travel experience preferred.


  • Microsoft Office, Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Outlook
  • Type at or above 50 wpm
  • Strong organizational, analytical, written and verbal communication skills


  • Typical office equipment


  • Must be able to sit at a computer for a minimum of seven hours per day.
  • Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines, such as computers, fax machines, calculators, telephones and other office equipment.
  • Able to travel domestically and internationally by commercial carrier.
  • Requires normal range of hearing and vision.


  • Ability to give, receive and analyze information, formulate work plans, prepare written materials and articulate goals and action plans.
  • Must be very organized and require a modicum of instruction.
  • Must understand vague and implicit instructions and react favorably in all work situations.
  • Must be detailed, organized and communicative.
  • Must be task and goal oriented.
  • Requires the ability to multi-task.
  • Must be able to grasp and apply new ideas.
  • Must have a very good command of the English language and be able to proofread work.
  • Must be able to resolve problems, handle conflict and make effective decisions.
  • Must be able to discern spiritual situations and be willing to pray with people.
  • Must relate and interact well with people at all levels.
  • Must have a sense of the workings of a ministry, and the demands physically, emotionally and spiritually of the staff and pastors.
  • Must adapt well to changing work situations.
  • Must maintain a professional working relationship with the Executive Leadership Team and other staff or students.



  • Works in a typical church or office setting.
  • Weekends and evening hours may be required.


  • Born again believer and must adhere to the doctrines of this organization, as upheld by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and their appointed representatives.
  • Must work well with others as a team, and according to Romans 16:17, must not cause dissension, difficulties and divisions.
  • Must pray in other tongues and have a strong prayer life.
  • Must maintain a good attendance record.
  • Must be a member of EMIC, regularly attend church services, and support the leadership of EMIC.
  • Must be a regular tither.
  • Must possess a servant’s heart and operate as an Armor Bearer.
  • Maintain a sensitivity to the needs of others, which includes a love and commitment to our congregation and the staff of EMIC, KCM and KCBC.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary to interact with diverse groups of people, with considerable skill and diplomacy in communication. Ability to build effective working relationships inside and outside departments or groups.
  • Self motivated and takes initiative. Ability to react with appropriate urgency to situations and events that require quick response or turnaround.
  • Operates with pre-emptive thinking. Must be discerning and able to make good judgment calls with minimum supervision.
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