Shirree Robinson

About Shirree Robinson

My name is Shirree Robinson and I have been married to Danny Robinson for 43 years. We have two wonderful children, our daughter Shann and son Dustin. We have three beautiful granddaughters, Logan, Riley, and Peyton.

I was born and raised in Modesto, California, and lived there until 1995. We moved to Oregon for six years, and then to Texas in 2001. The Lord told me in 1979 that someday I would move to Texas and be a part of KCM. I had a denominational background that was very different from my newfound faith, and being newly spirit-filled (in my living room while listening to a tape from Brother Copeland) I did not know how to even begin believing. I continued listening to Brother Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, and Jerry Savelle while attending a two-year satellite Bible course. While in Oregon I was ordained as a minister of the gospel, but still did not have any idea when it would be time to move to Texas. We visited KCM for the 1995 motorcycle rally and took our first look at Texas; we placed our feet down on the ground and had a place to believe. We visited EMIC in 2000 for Days of Refreshing. God stirred our hearts and we ramped up our faith. It was time. Danny thought he would be working at the ministry, but as it turned out, I began working in the bookstore a month after we arrived. Besides working in the bookstore, I had the privilege of working on the road as Kenneth and Gloria’s Personal Meetings Coordinator for three years, what an honor!

I am the Retail Manager for WordWorks Bookstore.  And I get the privilege to serve the Pastors, staff and congregation of Eagle Mountain International Church.