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Official Title: Passage Coordinator

My name is Sasha Paluska. I am a lover of Jesus, and I love spending time in Worship more than anything else. I am a bit of a geek and adore acquiring new information about nearly anything. I enjoy all things relating to food, and I am quite happy making anything from scratch in the kitchen. I grew up in Illinois; therefore I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan. I am one of the youngest of 4 girls. I have a twin sister. (No, we aren’t identical, and I am older.)

I was born in Peoria and raised in Washington, Illinois, a tightly knit community that really impacted so much of my early life. My family first heard about the Word of Faith Message while listening to Brother Kenneth on BVOV. After driving down for South West Believers Convention during several summers, we knew we were called here.
In the fall of 2000 and we moved to Texas & we started attending EMIC shortly after, and became members the following August. I began Volunteering in the Passage in 2010 and had no idea that I was going to enjoy it as much as I do. I loved getting to create drinks, and serve the people who came through the Passage.

I am the Passage Coordinator for the Coffee Shop at EMIC, and I so love having the amazing opportunity to do what I do. Not only do I work behind the counter of the Coffee Shop on Wednesdays and Sundays, but throughout the week I work on making sure that we have the best available to our congregation and am always looking at new and better ways to make the perfect coffee.