Robert Price

About Robert Price

My name is Robert Price and I am married to Christa Price, who also works here at the church. We’ve been happily married for over 40 years, and have two beautiful daughters: Ami and Karla. God has blessed us with 6 wonderful grandchildren: Rochelle, Levi, Riley, Robbie, Elizabeth and Brittany.

I was born and raised in Michigan. The Lord (with the help of the US Air Force) took me to Oklahoma, where I met Christa! After we married in 1974, we were stationed in Germany for 3 years, and then in North Carolina for 2 years. That was when we started listening to Kenneth Copeland on the radio, and we were so hungry for the Word! After I got out of the Air Force, we moved back to Oklahoma City. We attended the first Believer’s Convention in Fort Worth, in 1981, and have continued attending since then, only missing a few. In August of 1998, after the Believer’s Convention, we attended the church service at Eagle Mountain, and knew that God was calling us to this church! We actually commuted for the next 10 months, until we could sell our house and move. I started working at the church in the fall of 1999. We so enjoy being right in the middle of what God is doing in the earth today!

I am a full time audio engineer; I edit Pastor George and Terri Pearsons’ sermons for products on CDs. I also maintain all of the sound systems here at the church, which includes the new Student Life Center, the Chapel and the hangars where our youth meet - all meeting rooms that have sound systems. I am privileged to serve the Pastors, staff and congregation of Eagle Mountain International Church.